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Jennifer Macaire | 15 comments I thought I knew about Shakespeare and Marlowe, but after reading this book, I realize I knew hardly anything (not anymore though!) Blood and Ink was phenomenal, the story, told from both Marlowe's and Shakespeare's point of view, was gripping. The world building was incredible - so much research went into it that I felt as if the author must have lived in that period and time-travelled back to write about it - just amazing. Marlowe, or Kit as he's called, was sold by his parents when he was just a child, pressed into working for an immense spy ring that used children (I'd heard of this before, but didn't realize just how horribly the children are treated). Shakespeare and Marlowe meet several times during their lives - at different points - and their stories ultimately tie together. The author takes a new spin on the idea that Marlowe faked his death - but I won't spoil the story - read it for yourself - it's a fantastic historical fiction I will highly recommend!

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Thank you Jennifer!!

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