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Books & Quills Magazine | 10 comments Mod
As friendly Hogwarts students, we often enjoy socializing beyond our respective houses. The Great Hall is the perfect place for all students--whether you're a Gryff, Puff, Claw, or Slyth--to chat about anything and everything!

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Mayra | 2 comments Mod
Hello! I know this group has been rather inactive lately, and that's largely my own fault. Sorry about that! I'll be more active and organized going forward.

How are you all doing with this year's Harry Potter Reading Challenge? Behind? Ahead? Right on schedule?!

Personally, I'm really behind, but I'm looking forward to catching up! I definitely want to finish all of the Harry Potter books this year.

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Caitlin (cmmcgee_writer92) | 5 comments Mod
I am waaaaaaaay behind lmao. However, I have discovered that my library has eaudiobooks for each book sooooo hopefully I'll be able to catch up quickly.

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