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message 1: by Jakeel (new)

Jakeel Campbell | 10 comments Hello

I am seeking Readers for the 1st half of my book. It is a Light Novel about a guy transferred into a medieval world by a dragon who lends him his power to complete a job-killing"Heros." The MC is an overpowered character thanks to his newfound power. The target audience for me is high school to college.

I am seeking feedback and recommendations on what is written so far. I have trouble with using different dialects to make characters sound different in a conversation

Willing to swap with any other fantasy author.

thank you

message 2: by Mark (new)

Mark | 10 comments I am interested in 20K of your manuscript this weekend. I will provide "beta reader impressions" plus quick examination of story logic. I would love for you to read my quick 47k story of "unfortunate genius dragged into WWI". But fine either way. - Mark in USA

message 3: by Jakeel (new)

Jakeel Campbell | 10 comments my work is currently at about 40k but shoot me it via email and I'll send mine

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