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Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change
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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
In the Interlude, Antal imagines a specific congregation’s story of living a vocation of heartbreak and prophetic hope. Where do you see yourself in this story?

message 2: by Jane (new)

Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
Once the decision to go had been made, I'd be the one full of ideas about all the ways we could minister in the new place. I move on pretty quickly.

message 3: by Grady (new)

Grady | 3 comments It’s a pretty hard story; my reaction, reading it, was to keep pushing myself out of it. But it’s also the case that shifting baselines are likely to mean that a person my current age in 2070 would not feel the same grief I would feel in this scenario (at age 101).

message 4: by Jane (new)

Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
One thing I don’t know is if we could predict when equipoise will be reached ... a new normal. I imagine it might take generations of changing ecosystems before any sense of climate stability might arise for a person’s lifetime. Maybe having an unstable climate becomes the norm? And then there is not this kind of loss of the familiar to grieve?
Maybe that is what Millennials feels in not having a lifetime workplace or job? Change is normal.

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