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Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change
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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
Antal writes, “I believe that heartbreak for the world we are breaking is an essential part of our generation’s vocation.” (Chapter 2, Should we try to keep our hearts from breaking? p.33)

What was a recent time your heart broke? How did you find yourself responding?

[I will post the section title with the page in my version to help you find references. Please do the same.]

message 2: by Jane (new)

Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
There aren't many days when my heart doesn't break as I listen to or read the news. I experience it as a vacuum opening just below my rib cage - a hollowness where no light enters and nothing can grow. My life-long practice (for good or ill) has been to notice the hollowness and then read a book. The book allows time to pass while whatever prompted the break gets processed and placed in a manageable part of my thinking system. That's my way of allowing the heartbreak to become a part of me. Some people cry; I read.

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