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message 1: by Kittykiller (last edited Jun 14, 2018 07:28AM) (new)

Kittykiller | 17 comments Dear readers,
I would love to invite ten online beta-readers (free) for my book project. I already work with three beta-readers that I know personally, but now, as funding the book is on the way as well as there is work in progress for the book’s website, I think it is time to invite others to the project.
At the beginning, the betas are required to read and give constructive feed-back for free, but after the fund raising, there is the intention to pay all the betas for their work – based of course on the money raised.
Here is the blurb – please do not "apply" for the position if you don’t even care about the temporary blurb.

“Long ago, when there was a distinction between good and evil, a rogue paradisiac planet left its dark and cold journey in the universe to enter the reign of a monster white supergiant star. The Creatures of the Night had to forfeit their planetary-wide bone-built empire and succumb at the radiant explosions and bursts of white flares of their star. A new civilization rose up to conquer the world for their own – the titans under the banner of their Queen-Mother, Anu. But short after some millennia of growth in wisdom and powers, the new formed Titan Empire crumbles at the grave of their Queen, dividing the entire population into colonies as there were nobody to take the Anu’s place.

In the memory of the assassinated queen, the Anu Colony stays at the center of the conflict. In order to survive, to prosper and rush towards absolute godship, the city-state is ready to follow their tricky leader. But not everyone is ready to jump into any kind of treachery or madness, just to prove their superiority and right for universal conquest.

Here lay the bloodlust of the berserks ready to die in any battle; clans of the dark arts and demonic servitude thrive to understand the world; wanderer dragon-descendant tribes try to find their place; a young determined chieftain, is ready to fight against all odds thrown at her; and visitors from other worlds undertake the deadliest of adventures as the immortal titans want the paradise for themselves.

Amid the aggression of evil and the resistance of good, the fog of corruption hinders the future of the Anu Colony as each attempt to survive pushes further the limits of their immortality questioning what shape will take the fate of the gods.”

Thanks so much for your time. Please understand, I care a lot about my work, therefore I need to be strict and transparent from the get-go.
I hope the story will be good for you.

Feel free to write me if interested at
The website is work in progress, but you can find it here anyways:

message 2: by Kittykiller (new)

Kittykiller | 17 comments Thanks to all that PM-ed/emailed me for this project.
We still got some room - so don't hesitate to contact me if this seems interesting to you.


message 3: by Kittykiller (new)

Kittykiller | 17 comments We need 4 more betas.
Anyone interested?
Here's the WIP website link:

PM or mail me.

message 4: by Kittykiller (new)

Kittykiller | 17 comments Thanks to all.
We are full at the moment.


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