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Nikki Sojkowski (nikkisoj) | 1545 comments Mod
Hello Addicted to YA!

Our June guest for Addicted to YA’s author feature is Quoleena Sbrocca! Let’s have a warm Addicted to YA welcome for her here on this thread!!

Author Bio:
Quoleena Sbrocca (pronounced Kwo-LEE-nuh Su-BROH-kuh) is the author of two alternate history/time travel novels, and a young adult futuristic/sci-fi series. She is currently working on the final book in the trilogy.

She is a Denver native, lover of photography, second-degree black belt in taekwondo, and dreams of one day owning a horse. She is afraid of heights, but if she were an animal, she would be an eagle.

Luminescence, book one of her YA sci-fi series The Rayne Trilogy, is a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree and earned a Readers’ Favorite 5-star review.

Quoleena has loved creative writing since she was a child. In 3rd grade, she won a scholastic award for her illustrated short story called, “Little Girl Lost.” She wrote poetry and short stories during her guitar-playing college days in San Diego, all of which she keeps buried in a box of memories.

Her favorite books to read tend to be in the days of horse-drawn carriages and noble courts. And she absolutely loves books set in worlds void of technology and unlike our own, with swords and magic and mystical creatures.

Book Series Name: The Rayne Trilogy

Book Description:

In the dawn of The Rebirth Period, a new species of humans dominates the Earth.

In their second year of life, they experience the Luminescence and awaken to a mystical ability. Except one. Her name is Rayne.

In a society whose values and manners are as refined as the language they speak, her peers mock her because she has no higher ability. In the early hours of her 17th birthday, she experiences a night which will change this.

As her new reality brings adventure and peril, Rayne is desperate to learn the purpose of her power. Rejected by her Colony, she must hide the truth of what is happening to her. Though she finds friends from unexpected sources, Rayne finds herself hated and even more of an outcast when she's involved in an accident which turns deadly. As her world unravels, everything she thought she knew about the Luminescence and society is changed, and she must uncover the truth on her own.

“It is the way of evolution,” Elias says, his words getting lost in the roar of the wind. “Two species of human cannot coexist. To believe so is to be naïve.” -OuterSphere (2nd Ed)

In this revamped, 2nd edition version of book two, Rayne finds herself trapped in a desolate land. Once desperate to leave her home, Rayne fights to return to the only life she’s ever known.

In the outersphere, she finally learns the truth about her abilities and her purpose. She discovers that everything she knew about the world and the Ancients is a lie.

Isolated from her reality, she is forced to choose between killing and surviving…

Because in this world, the weak perish, and the strong live to fight another day.


What is your favorite quote?
"Once we cease to be a student, we may as well be dead where the significance of our work is concerned." -Stephen Shore, photographer

What is your favorite movie and why?
The Avengers - because everything about this movie is awesome. I love the Marvel Universe, and the Avengers tops them all for me.

What is your favorite genre to read? To write?
I read any genre, but I always go back to the European/English classics, my favorite authors in the genre being Alexandre Dumas and Jane Austen. As for writing, I wrote two time travel, and now I'm working on the last of my YA trilogy. I'm enjoying this one, because I don't have to spend so much time in historical research. I make everything up without having to worry about staying true to the real characters I portrayed in my time travel books. It was fun, but a bit like I was in school again.

Which authors inspire you?
JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Maire Lu to name a few.

What is the best part about being an author?
Being able to create a world and make up the rules, and then live in that world, to the point where it becomes real...until the moment I look up from my computer and remember it's all in my head.

Give us an insight into your main character. What do they do that is so special?
Though stubborn sometimes, she's able to understand that her perception of the world isn't doctrine and is able to let that truth change her for the better. While focused on her goals, she's still open-minded when it matters. She doesn't like being the odd-person out, and though she's used to being alone, deep down, it's the last thing she wants.

What was the hardest thing about writing your last book?
I made the mistake of listening to outside influences commenting that they hoped it would be a super long book, so they could sink into it. I found myself dragging out the original version, instead of listening to the story and letting it be as long as it needed to be. I found myself so focused on that, that I forgot who my characters were. I gave them lines and perspectives that didn't fit the story. It took me diving into book 3 to realize I needed to go back and rewrite the 2nd book. The 2nd edition version is over 100 pages shorter than the original, and it's as long as it needs to be, even with the added chapter at the end of the book.

Catch up with Quoleena Sbrocca and find out more info at the Links below!

Amazon Link | Goodreads Link | Author Website |


Quoleena and Addicted to YA are hosting an international giveaway for 2 ebooks sets of The Rayne Trilogy! This includes books one and two as Insurrection (Book Three) is currently in the process of being published.

To enter all you have to do is participate in this author feature post!

Here is the link to:
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message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Gail (amandagail) Awesome! I hadn’t heard of the Rayne Trilogy, and now I have two new books to add to my wishlist ❤️

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate | 4 comments Do you think you'll write another series once you finish this one? Or will you do stand alone books?

message 4: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Hi Kate. The next book I write is definitely going to be a standalone!

Rayne is a trilogy, but I think of it more as an 1100+ page book. So, in this sense, I'm looking forward to writing a standard-length standalone for sure.

I also have a lot of ideas floating around for a book of sci-fi short stories. I don't know yet which I'll dive into first, so once book 3 is published, I'll take a nice break.

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie (juliestardust1975) | 1 comments Looking forward to reading these books!

message 6: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Thrilled to hear it, Amanda and Julie! Happy Friday 😀

message 7: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn Vu | 2 comments I hope I win, so I can have more books to read! I also hope they get a lot of attention because they sound incredible.

message 8: by Ayuana (new)

Ayuana Jackson | 31 comments This sounds super interesting! I wonder why I haven't discovered it yet? (Also Rayne is my middle name 😉).

message 9: by Eliza (new)

Eliza (elizasbooks) I’m always excited to hear about series’ that I haven’t heard of before definitely want to read this one!

message 10: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 16 comments I had never heard of your work before but it sounds super interesting!

message 11: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Ayuana wrote: "This sounds super interesting! I wonder why I haven't discovered it yet? (Also Rayne is my middle name 😉)."

Cool! It's my neice's name. I always loved that spelling.

message 12: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Evelyn wrote: "I hope I win, so I can have more books to read! I also hope they get a lot of attention because they sound incredible."

I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

message 13: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Thank you, Eliza and Brittany! There's so many books out there to choose from, so I hope you get a chance to check out the Rayne series.

message 14: by Mark (new)

Mark Kloss (markkloss) | 68 comments They sound really great!

Well done for realising that about book 2, it is not always easy as an author to spot where it went a bit wrong and to correct it. Funnily enough I went through something similar with my trilogy... live and learn!

message 15: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Just popping in to say I have a promo with Book Barbarian, and Luminescence will be free all day Sunday, 6/10, and OuterSphere is 99 cents today and Sunday.

Happy weekend!

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

I would love to win!!! These sound amazing!!!

message 17: by KayLee (new)

KayLee Conley (mrsconley) | 7 comments Your answer for “the best part of being an author” was so great, that’s exactly how i feel reading books! So excited to go read your books. Thanks for sharing!!

message 18: by AshleyKWbooks (new)

AshleyKWbooks  (mommareads2me) | 2 comments This is so exciting I’ve been excited to read these!!!

message 19: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Thompson (winsomebean) | 8 comments These sound really cool and I hope they get more rep in the book scene!

message 20: by Shaye (new)

Shaye Miller (2shaye) | 1 comments Wow. This sounds amazing! I’d love to read this. I thought the “outside influences” comment was especially interesting. It’s hard not to try to cater to others. Glad you’re staying true to your stories and characters. Thanks for sharing!

message 21: by Anna (new)

Anna Lane (annaklane) | 41 comments Gorgeous covers! Congrats on finishing two books and good luck releasing the third one this October :)

message 22: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Wow thanks everyone!

Kaylee, I love that feeling when I read books too!

Shaye, thanks! It's so important. What a bland world it would be if we all liked and thought the same things, right?!

message 23: by Vishakha (new)

Vishakha | 1 comments These sound awesome!
I’m looking forward to reading them as soon as possible. The covers are beautiful btw. ^•^

Bhavik (Semi Hiatus) (bhavik_elric90) | 262 comments These are definitely awesome!
Where do you look for inspiration?

Also all the best for the third book release!

message 25: by Pauline Anne (new)

Pauline Anne (polankasag) | 17 comments Sounds great!! Good luck with the third installment release!!

message 26: by Amy (new)

Amy (amyhope) Always exciting when a creative new YA series is released!

message 27: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Ribel (shelbysbooks2010) | 1 comments I’m not typically a sci-fi reader, but this journey sounds intriguing!

message 28: by Mayke ☕️ (new)

Mayke ☕️ The plot sounds really interesting. Also impressed with your creative writing skills!

message 29: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Thanks so much, everyone! This was so much fun to write over the past 3 years and counting. I'm in the middle of editing the final book. We get to see characters from books 1 and 2 plus a few new ones added to the story. I hope enough people out there enjoy reading them :)

message 30: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Emily wrote: "Any plans for future books/series after this one?"

Hi Emily! I've got some ideas floating around my head right now, but nothing more than that until Rayne is complete. The editing is going well, thanks! This is the stage I enjoy the most, because it's where everything comes together. The first draft took me over a year to write!

message 31: by Dana (new)

Dana Cristiana (silvermoon1923) | 83 comments Wow!! The synopsis sounds so cool! And why is the main character so unique. ,that made me want to read the books already!! <3

message 32: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Dana wrote: "Wow!! The synopsis sounds so cool! And why is the main character so unique. ,that made me want to read the books already!! <3"

Thanks, Dana!

Of all the characters in Rayne's world, I might say I "chose" her to be the center of the story. She's how we get to learn about their world. She's also the link to whom her species calls the "Ancients" - Homo sapiens! (She loves reading about them/us and speaking their/our language.)

I better stop talking about the books because spoilers! But I'm always excited to chat with anyone who's read them, so here's my standing offer!

message 33: by Laura (new)

Laura Holt | 48 comments My daughter's name is Rayne, so I'm definitely going to have to check these out! :)

message 34: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Laura wrote: "My daughter's name is Rayne, so I'm definitely going to have to check these out! :)"

It's my neice's name too! I named the character after her.

message 35: by Isabella (new)

Isabella Lynn (beachangyl) | 3 comments I would love to win the trilogy

message 36: by Kraig (new)

Kraig | 1 comments These sound pretty good. I can’t wait to read them.

message 37: by Laura (new)

Laura Holt | 48 comments Quoleena wrote: "Laura wrote: "My daughter's name is Rayne, so I'm definitely going to have to check these out! :)"

It's my neice's name too! I named the character after her."

That is so cool! Most people use the Rain spelling, but I love the Rayne. It's so unique!

message 38: by Kim (new)

Kim Kaso | 155 comments The series sounds very interesting, I shall have to give it a go. This group is an excellent way to find new & exciting books & authors, my tbr list has exploded since joining. ;-)

message 39: by Quoleena (new)

Quoleena Sbrocca (qjsbrocca) Hi everyone. I know the month is long over, but I just wanted to stop back in for an announcement.

I recently decided to tone down the language in Luminescence, and I just finished the 2nd edition project. It's 40 pages lighter as a result, with some changes along the way. If anyone is interested in having this version, please let me know.


message 40: by Kriti (new)

Kriti | 1 comments Love it

message 41: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Newwyn | 6 comments Rayne trilogy seems like my jam for sure! Happy to read it when I have the chance :)

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