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Here you go!!!

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((would Tytopaw be able to heal cuts and uninfected wounds?? Because she's been medic app for 2 months-in RP))

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"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Tytopaw interrupted Echopaw in his thoughts as she entered the den, a clump of marigold in her jaws-along with a long stemmed, red flower. Smelling thickly of the herbs in the den, her own foresty, wind-blown scent, and the Thunderclan border, the molly situated herself in front of the smoke furred tom. "So," she murmured, placing her herbs to the side and rolling the sharp-thorned rose under her paw, "I do hope that," motioning to the mark on his cheek, "Didn't come from a certain training session with a tom we all know?" Tytopaw knew exactly what'd happened, it'd occurred on many occasions-this was just one of them.

"You'll get all sorts of germs if you place that dirty paw of yours on a fresh wound," she warned, sounding wiser than she was. Searching for cobwebs, she returned with a small clump of them. Motioning with her paw for him to move his paw away as she pressed the patch of webs over Echopaw's cheek.

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"Don't let it bother you," Tytopaw said in a sort of sing-song fashion, "don't let it bother you" had always been her mantra because-believe it or not-she'd had quite the temper as a kit. Now, of course, she had no room to be temperamental.

And just like that Tytopaw's own eyes grew sharp as knives as she continued to put away her herbs and the leftover webs. Taking her sweet time to respond, the calico spoke after a long silence, "It's hilarious to me that you claw the ears off of those trying to 'nose' into your business, but are more than willing to nose into others," the apprentice turned and searched the tom's eyes. "I did, I regret nothing, I was collecting marigold and I regret absolutely nothing." Emphasizing each word, Tytopaw picked up her rose and placed it in the nest way in the back-her nest.

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Tytopaw smirked, "Right, right, it is strange-I probably should've taken a swamp bath to cleanse my scent." She joked, though it was obvious that she accepted his apology. Face going blank, the molly stalled before facing Echopaw, "Brindlelight... She's not the best cat to deal with." Even her father wasn't as verbal in his rebukes as that feline, blech.

"Brindlelight can eat fox dung for all I care," Tytopaw responded cheerfully as she checked the cobweb bandage on Echopaw's face. "So, your brother-hear he's an arrogant snake, what's your take on him?"

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"Great, I'll make sure to roll around in a swamp on my way out for hunting," Tytopaw rolled her eyes, a small smile still fitting well on her face.

Though Echopaw chuckled, which was alien enough for him, there was also a certain wariness before he did. Probably not the best environment to let out your feelings... Tytopaw, a healer to all, had always looked at healing as an emotional, mental, and social thing rather than just a physical sort of deal. And it was obvious that Echopaw needed some sort of emotional healing, it wasn't good to bottle up that anger-Tytopaw would always just over hunt, quite messily, when she was upset... Which was rare.

Listening with an impressed, and amused, expression, the molly pushed some stray leaves out of the way and silently went about cleaning before speaking, "Wanna hunt? You can make sure I take that swamp bath you wanted me to have."

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((thx! And, yes, I have returned))

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((girl, stop doing this and get you some sleep))

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(( :D ))

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PoeticallyColorful (Kura~) wrote: "(TwT I'll go to sleep now.. Glad I got to see your replies before I passed out though xD I was excited to see them.)"

(( Mm, that was an awful long nap. 5 days, a record ))

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Detecting the confusion and surprise before even meeting his eyes, Tytopaw had to hide her grin-she loved surprising others. While she was typically very shy around others, there was a more extroverted side to her that she exerted in the company of those she felt drawn to-or comfortable with.

"Oh, ho ho-okay mister Hunting Master," Tytopaw sported a smile as she nudged the other feline's shoulder. Feeling quite satisfied when the tom slowly crept from the shadows of his usually inhospitable persona. "One should never boast before proving their worth," she teased right on back, for the first time since she was a young, young kit-she felt reassured. Heck, she was comfortable! And around the tom that all apprentices considered "prickly as an elder".

"Eh, I think I can risk it," Tytopaw responded, getting an odd picture of herself and her short, thick calico fur covered in swamp muck.

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PoeticallyColorful (Kura~) wrote: "(I'd call it a hibernation, really.)"

(( hmm.. Humans don't hibernate.... 0.0 ))

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PoeticallyColorful (Kura~) wrote: "(Ya nevah know.. But anyway, I'm really sorry for not replying sooner. I'm rather sick at the moment and I haven't been feeling all that great xD)"

(( lol, and no pressure, you can reply whenever you want-I want you to get better ))

(((( your sick cause you NEVER. SLEEEPPPPP ))))

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((may take awhile to respond to things, babies are so troublesome. I swear. I want to rip. my. effing. hair out.))

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PoeticallyColorful (Kura~) wrote: "(True.. BUT STILLLL.)"

(( lol, no no no-no "but still"sss ))

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Tytopaw's face spread into a grin at Echopaw's response, "My, my, my-so confident." Green eyes sparkling with amusement, the medicine cat apprentice stood on her paws, ready to finally get a break from the heavy smell of herbs that'd begun to clog up her senses.

Feigning shock, the smaller feline shook off Echopaw's tail and opted to gently ram into his side. "Little? Says you," the calico smirked, twisting around and racing past him to the swamps. "May be little but at least I'm not slow!" Indeed, Tytopaw was the most proud of her Windclan blood in times like this, when her speed and agility could really shine through.

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Finally coming to a stop, albeit her paws did edge dangerously close to a puddle of swamp water and mud... Tytopaw turned to face Echopaw, face smiling and bright, "So, how about each of us tries to catch... Five pieces of prey-before sun fall?" Leaving it as a question for the tom beside her to add on to or change.

Looking around, and sniffing the air, the calico tried to get used to this part of territory. But she rarely went farther than the Thunderclan border-which was drier, and more familiar...

((short, sorry))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 63 comments "Pft. Six, and you have a deal." Echopaw scoffed with an underlying tone of self-confidence as he gazed back at her with the least amount of hostility that she had ever seen from him up until that point. Pulling at the very corner of his lip, even a small smirk could be seen as he sized up his opponent and thought to himself after a few moments that this little competition of theirs was going to be a sweet breeze of victory for him. "We'll meet back at the entrance of camp by Sun-Fall, and no later. We wouldn't want Snowcloud to worry about her dear apprentice, now would we?"

In moments like these, bits and pieces of Sootpaw's more negative traits sometimes begin to show. Slight hints of arrogance in their tones, the way their eyes would glint with such a need to be recognized for their worth that it almost seemed.. frightening for those that stood in their way of success. They wanted to win. Echopaw wanted to win. He had to win.

Cause if he didn't, how was he to know whether Tytopaw would turn on him and say that he was weak or incapable. Like Sootpaw did; every single day of his life. Every loss a scar on his pelt that never healed, because they were cut open again and again by those who wanted to push him further and further into the mud to keep him from standing up again to fight.

But.. speaking of mud. "And I believe you did see this coming." He added lightly after a brief moment of silence before suddenly using a quick swipe of his paw to knock Tytopaw off balance and straight into the mucky water at their paws, his grin widening with wicked mischief and his chartreuse yellow eyes glimmering as he began to walk away. "Consider it a favor. Prey will be less likely to smell you that way now that you are covered in swamp." He said with a faint purr, his tail swaying triumphantly behind him before he slowed to a stop and fell still.

"Oh, and try not to wander off too far. We are close to the Thunderrats border, so don't make me come save you if you are attacked." Echopaw added, his voice lowering to that of great seriousness as he glanced at her coolly over his shoulder before disappearing within the thick underbrush.

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Tytopaw rolled her eyes, "Fine, six." Scoffing at that last bit, the medicine cat apprentice's expression was incredulous, "Snowcloud shouldn't worry about me-their are more important things to be concerned about." As a kit, Tytopaw had never been the center stage of anyone's world, if anything, she had become quite used to the shadows-in the metaphorical sense-and even shrank away from attention.

"I must point out, Echopaw, that I'm a terrible clutz. SO-if I come back soaked in mud or some other particularly disgusting substance-like what I'm in now," Tytopaw added quickly as she fell with a quick yelp-it was surprising that she kept on talking, even as she tried to scramble out of the mud, "Try to be understanding," the molly requested, smiling over at the silver tom. And it was true, Tyto really wasn't the most graceful-in the dark, that is. If she were on a clearer path, with more light, than she was one of the fastest cats you'd ever meet ((blame the Windclan blood)) but if there were obstacles on her path... You can count on her being dead last.

Throwing a pawful of mud at his face-but missing and hitting his shoulder-Tytopaw directed a playful hiss Echopaw's way and shook what mud she could off. "Gee, thanks for the mud bath." Ears perking up at the other's warning, the calico she frowned but turned the other direction to start her hunt.

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((Is this still being used?))

Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 63 comments (I believe so, yes. Just a little longer.)

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((Okay thanks))

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((yoip, it is))

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