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Jessica (BooksAway) How it works:
The challenge does not have a specific start or end but the challenge must only be completed within July 31 to September 1 2014. The 48 hour challenge means you get 48 hours to complete the missions that is required in the challenge

Why we created the 48 hour Read-A-Thon:
We want to see all the amazing talents out in the world of booktube! It's your time to shine, show others how awesome you are when you put your reading and creative thinking to the test!

The tasks to complete:
~Read a hard cover book( anything is good! Chapter book, short story, graphic novels, etc)
~Read a book written by the author that his/her last name starts with a F
~Re-design a cover for any book
~read a novel published before 2000

More info:
If you plan on joining, comment below or message be on goodreads . Lots of info will be posted on goodreads here on in another group me and my buddy created "WTF reading challenges" or my profile page!
If you are a booktuber, film any new progress and tag your video below! Make sure to start with an intro video and your TBR books!

Good luck!

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Dee (austhokie) | 7692 comments Didn't you post the same thing last night...

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Dlmrose | 17876 comments Mod
And it does not belong in the summer challenge folder

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