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message 1: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4111 comments Mod
Hi everyone,

Welcome to our Summer 2014 Readathon! Anyone can join and post as much or as little as they like. Feel free to post what you plan on reading or even set a page goal if you want the group to cheer you along.

Good luck and happy reading!

message 2: by Kat (new)

Kat Trina Can't wait! I'm on vacation now so its perfect timing :). how does it work exactly.. with different time zones and all that? Is it a push from 8.8 on the dot to 8.10 0:00 or is just casual reading the whole weekend?

message 3: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4111 comments Mod
Hi Kat! So glad you are joining us. What we normally have done in the past is to start at 5pm Friday and it goes until midnight Sunday. I think you would just go by your timezone and work with that. As you may have noticed we are not a super strict group but we picked that timeframe because it seemed like it would be fair for people who have to work on Friday and their weekend starts Friday evening.

message 4: by Meghanly (new)

Meghanly | 253 comments I just found out my brother is coming to visit this weekend... which is AWESOME because my brother is one of my best friends, but also STINKS because I wanted to read more for this challenge! LOL

Still, I will read some. I plan to:

* Finish the audiobook I'm listening to, Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe by Rob Lowe

* Finish The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay by Katja Millay (I'm about a quarter of the way through it now)

Bonus Goal: Start reading Rebel Heart (Dust Lands, #2) by Moira Young by Moira Young... hopefully.

Happy reading, everyone!

message 5: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7650 comments Mod
I've got to start thinking and planning what I want to do for this weekend! I definitely need/want/am dying to finish Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon. SO EXCITED FOR OUTLANDER! Even though I already watched the first episode. Watching it on my TV will be better! I think maybe I'll read the second and third books in the Ranger's Apprentice series.

message 6: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4111 comments Mod
I have 4 books going right now and my plan is to finish those. Right now that total is 800 + pages but I might be able to get it down to 600 by tomorrow. That would leave me with 200 pages per day for the challenge. We have plans during the weekend so this might be crazy!

message 7: by Karol (new)

Karol Thanks for getting this started, Andrea! I am currently reading (just started) Eye of the God by Ariel Allison. I would like to finish that during the marathon. I'm also hoping to get to Force of Habit by James Scott Bell. And then - if I do get all the reading time I'd like to have this weekend, I'd like to get to Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig

message 8: by Kat (new)

Kat Trina Thanks Andrea!

I've already started, since my time zone is ahead of America's. Just finished Joseph Conrad's heart of darkness (though it made my blood boil, it's a classic people are always talking about that I hadn't read). I plan to read the color purple by alice walker, and Damned by Chuck Palanuck. If I have time, Hild by Nicola Griffith. Plus whatever audiobooks I can squeeze in while I'm busy doing something else.

Happy reading y'all :)

message 9: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4111 comments Mod
I'm so glad so many people are participating this time!

As Kat said, happy reading everyone!

message 10: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7650 comments Mod
On page 466 of 832 in Written in My Own Heart's Blood. Let the reading begin!

message 11: by Meghanly (new)

Meghanly | 253 comments Woohoo! Finished Rob Lowe and Sea of Tranquility! Onto Rebel Heart!

message 12: by Kat (new)

Kat Trina well haven't been reading anything I actually planned to read, but I finished The Scarlet Letter all the same :)

message 13: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7650 comments Mod
So I ended up watching Pride & Prejudice (with Keira Knightley) and Divergent last night. Only read 18 pages. Boo! Today starts me on page 484 of 832!

message 14: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4111 comments Mod
I'm on a roll about 300 pages down so far and I've got a couple hours to read tonight.

message 15: by Karol (new)

Karol I finished Eye of the God on Saturday and started Force of Habit. So I'm right on target . . . should be able to finish Force of Habit today and start working on Dead Reckoning. I'm really enjoying the focus on reading this weekend!

message 16: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7650 comments Mod
211 pages read yesterday. Way better than Friday! Starting today on page 695 of 832. Will definitely finish Written in My Own Heart's Blood today! And I just got notification of the stories of Four (Divergent series) from the e-library today so hopefully I'll begin that as well. No Ranger's Apprentice series this weekend for me.

message 17: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4111 comments Mod
Just sitting by the pool and finishing the Weight of Silence - it's very good! This has been a great reading weekend for me!

message 18: by Kat (new)

Kat Trina Finished! Again, didn't do what I had loosely planned, but succeeded in reading: Damned, by Chuck Palanuck, The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne, Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad, and I finished the last half of Silas Marner by George Eliot, which I had started slightly before the readathon. :) How did everyone do?

message 19: by Karol (new)

Karol Didn't get a chance to update yesterday, due to travel. I did finish Force of Habit, so I got through the two books I really wanted to. I was going to start on Dead Reckoning . . . but had a last-minute change of heart and went for Medical Error instead. Got about 25% through that one.

message 20: by Karol (new)

Karol Thanks - and congrats! - to all who participated in the Read-a-thon this past weekend.

message 21: by Elyse, Moderator (new)

Elyse (winesaboutbooks) | 7650 comments Mod
Finished Written in My Own Heart's Blood late last night! Didn't end up starting anything else until today. So I read about 366 pages this weekend. Pretty poor for me but oh well!

message 22: by Meghanly (new)

Meghanly | 253 comments I finished my two target books and read about 120 pages of my "BONUS" book! Great job, everyone!

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