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The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)
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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new) - rated it 4 stars

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5935 comments Mod
Elena & Krissy - The Dream Thieves

message 2: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments Checking in!

Elena | 1382 comments Here!
I can start whenever! Im finishing something right now, so you pick when we start and which one of the two is first

message 4: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments Let's listen to this one first since the copy I have is from the library and I only have it for a limited time.

And I'll listen to Sweet Talk too if you want after we are done with our current books :)

Elena | 1382 comments Whaa? I didn’t get a notification that you wrote a msg... ok , when do you want to start??

Elena | 1382 comments My notifications are off !! Since when ?!?

message 7: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments I'll start today!

Elena | 1382 comments Same !

message 9: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments I'm a little over 3 hours into the book. Chapter 15. I hope to get a lot further tonight. My kids have been up my ass the last couple of days

Elena | 1382 comments Same here .... same with the kids.... as well as my boss!
3 hrs in !

message 11: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments Summer vacation sucks!! Go play! Go outside! Go color! Watch tv! Why do you have to be up mommy's ass 24/7????

Elena | 1382 comments Hahahahhahahaha you are hilarious!
My younger just turned 1 - sooooooo , yah....
the older is 3.5 so not in school yet (summer or not!) , soooooo i feel like the most reading i get is at work !! Where im not really supposed to be listening to audiobooks...

Elena | 1382 comments How far r u?
Im a bit more than half 434min/765min

Noah ghostly kissed Blue... ‘twas weird... lol:)

message 14: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments I haven't gotten to the ghostly kiss yet. Lol. I'm just under 7 hours. Chapter 31 and 51% in.

I'm enjoying this but not quite as much as I did the first book. Not sure if it's because I'm more distracted or what. I've been packing and cleaning like crazy because we move this weekend. Normally that's a perfect time for me to zone out and listen to my book as I pack. But I'm stressing like a motherfucker. Plus my kids are ZERO help. My husband can't get any time off work so I'm doing it all by myself. So basically I can't shut my mind up so that I can concentrate on my book! Lol

message 15: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments Blue's mom stole Gray man's phone. That's about where I'm at

Elena | 1382 comments I also find it hard to concentrate on this book. If i listen at night - it puts me right to sleep !!! During the day , i find myself zoning out! And with a book like this - unlike with all my formulaic romances - if i zone out for 20 minutes , i feel like i missed something (and probably did!!) ... With romances i can zone out a bit, tune back in , and find that i missed nothing , just maybe some additional angst or half a sex scene ::))

message 17: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments Exactly!!! You can't zone for a second with this type of book. This is not the kind of book you will be okay just getting the "gist" of. Otherwise you'll be lost af

Elena | 1382 comments Okk done !!!
Overall - liked it , but it wasnt as attentiongrabbing as the first one... Took me too long to finish!
Cliffhanger ending - ok finnneee!
You done?

message 19: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments Not even close. We finally got the keys to our new place so my husband and I moved our entire house by ourselves. I want to die right now. I got zero reading done. Unfortunately. Tomorrow we have to do all the running around changing our utilities and everything else that comes with a new address. So hopefully I'll get some reading in

Elena | 1382 comments Ughh , moving sucks! We put our house up for sale and going house hunting , sooo moving is probably in my cards soon too!

Hope you have recuperated from the move !!

message 21: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments I'm still recuperating! I'll probably be recuperating for another month. AND I ran out of time on the book so now I have to wait to check it out again. FML. I totally misjudged how much moving was going to interfere with my reading :/

Elena | 1382 comments Aghhhh , that sucks!!!
Letme know when you check it out again or when you want to start book 2 of that other series :)

message 23: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments Well I have Dream Thieves on hold. But I can start The Beast in Him whenever. That is available with the audible romance package so I can get it anytime

Elena | 1382 comments Awesome , let’s do it.... tomorrow?

message 25: by Krissy (new) - added it

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3330 comments I will be starting first thing in the morning!

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