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Tonks was acting weird throughout the book and Harry assumed it was because she was in love with Sirius. Of all the things that could of been wrong with her, why is this his first assumption? They are related. Even when he mentioned this to Ron and Hermoine they did not point out the obvious fact that they are related. I'm American and I don't know what is socially acceptable in Britain. Is it the social norm to marry your cousin?

Incest is only when two immediate family members are involved - siblings or parent/child.

Up until about a hundred years ago, it wasn't that uncommon for first cousins to marry, and if I'm not mistaken, there are still a few places in the US that allow it. Genetically, it's a bad idea today, and there is the ick factor, but it is legal. Can't say for England though.

Although, I imagine that in the wizarding world, there might be a whole lot of intermarriage like that due to them wanting to keep pure blood lines. That was a very common practice in European/British royalty up until modern medicine let us know that wasn't always a good idea.

Concerning Tonks and Sirius, I don't know that it was common knowledge that they were related though. At least not to Harry.

First cousins can marry in the UK. It may not be the norm but it can happen especially in those families that keep all the branches together in a clan.

It wants incest! I don't know where you get this idea. They are distantly related but this is not automatically incest. Cousins marriages have been allowed for centuries and distant distant cousins still can marry legally today. I fail to see the issue.

Sorry I me at it wasn't incest. My spellcheck is rotten. Lol

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Marriage between cousins was frequent in pureblood society, and practically everyone is related and can map out exactly how they are related. I also wanted to point out that I think Harry's grandmother was formerly a Black, so she would be related to Sirius, who is a cousin by marriage to Molly Weasley, and Ginny is Mrs. Weasley's daughter, so even they would be distantly related. I understand that this wouldn't have been as close, and Harry's grandmother may not even have been a Black, but I thought it was interesting.

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deleted user And the Potters are also related to the Blacks. Makes Ginny related to Harry.
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Perhaps it got lost in my translation of the book, but when I read it, Harry thought Tonks was sad because she lost Sirius and because he meant a lot to her - which can happen to cousins and friends. Itr never said they were in love o.O

Apart from that - don't you know that all pureblood and most halfblood wizards are related? The pureblood wizards see themselves as royalty. And just as royal people only used to marry their relatives, pureblood wizards only married relatives. It was too keep their "bloodlines clean".

Arthur Weasley's mother was a Black, Molly too is related to the Blacks. The Potters are related to the Blacks. Harry is a *distant* relative of Ginny. And of Lord Voldemort. Just sayin'...

Sirius and tonks though, who are not interested in in keeping their bloodlines clean or anything like that are a very unlikely couple. Sirius is Tonks second or third uncle (I'm not exactly sure... NOT her first uncle, since he was her mother's cousin, not her brother) but even if Harry thought she was in love with him, it wouldn't be not that unlikely. Not in Britain. Not in the wizarding community. Apart from that, cousins marrying is totally common. Not my cup of tea, but only because it's common doesn't mean it's good :/

In my place it is a common practice of cousins marrying each other, it is not incest, it will be though when they are born to same parents, share same parents or two different persons have been breast fed by the same woman but one of them has to be the child of the woman feeding.

I don't think they'd ever met before. Marrying your first cousin is allowed, and is not considered incest.
And I remember a scene (not clearly) where someone (Ron?) says that they're cousins, and someone else (Hermione?)says (I think) that they'd never met before.

I don't think harry knew that Tonks and Sirius were related. Yeah, that is not the norm in Britain. Trust me. I think it might be legal, but it's not at all the "social norm." Up until the 19th century, perhaps it would have been considered quite normal but not now.

Harry assumed this because, well, Sirius just died and Tonks was all miserable and have you ever read Wuthering Heights?...

Sirius's parents were related, too. It happens.

Well, Harry was pretty torn up over Sirius's death himself, so it makes sense that he would think other people are upset about it, too. I agree with what other people are saying. Cousin marriages are not as uncommon as you think, booklover123, especially in old families that want to keep the blood "pure." (Weren't Malfoy's parents related?)


Incest happens in the U.S. and is a social norm in separatist communities like the Amish.

This is not the social norm in Britain. Full Stop. Don't think where a nation of unusual people- putting it politely!

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