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The Penderwicks at last - goofs and protests

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message 1: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
I really dared to read this book a second time, slowly and with brain. I found also a new interview on, which annoyed me.
She said that she would know how the Penderwicks would turn out in the future, but she didn't want to cheat, but have her readers' imagination. (She cheated already with destroying Skeffrey!). Then she said that she couldn't remember Arundel well because she had lost her map of it. Intriguing, she also compared herself with Skye, but said then she would be closest to Batty.

Goofs in the books:
Churchie moved to her grandchildren in Hawaii, but their grandchildren lived in Boston.
Churchie didn't make dresses for the birthday party because they were old dresses from the attic. According to Birdsall, the attic is now empty because a husband has sold everything.
There was never a greenhouse, carriage house..
The sheep on the meadow seem to belong to Arundel, but there was a farmer with the bull. The nearby town Framley isn't mentioned.
Birdsall writes only that Mrs. Tifton thinks that Skye was crushing on Jeffrey, but Jeffrey's crush on Skye wasn't mentioned.
!!!! Alice says that her father Cagney told her that Batty kept talking about marrying Jeffrey at Arundel. First, Batty said that only once in the end of the first book and only the original Penderwicks could know that secret. Neither Jeffrey nor Cagney could know it. The whole rescue activity wasn't mentioned again as background.
Alice shows Lydia the famous hole in the hedge and tells Lydia about Jeffrey's crash with Skye. OK, perhaps Jeffrey has told her.
Skye tells Lydia that Rosalind had crushed Cagney, when Skye and Rosalind arrive. Has Rosalind really told her sisters? And why would Skye tell?
The nicknames Lyds and Bats are completely new. Curiously, Battymouse was always my proof for Batty as Beth because Beth is nicknamed "Mouse" in Little Women.
Batty is said to look just like Rosalind. This was said about Jane in the first book.
Jane was never fighting against patriarchy. To mention a Patrick as ex-boyfriend, is a bad example since it happened after our previous books.
According to Birdsall, the relationship between Skye and Dusek was insta-love. He seems to have a distracting influence on Skye.

Cultural odds:
The Penderwicks are using suddenly a lot of mobiles. The reference to Beyoncé is a violation of the timeless-rule. Birdsall tries to defend it with claiming that Beyoncé is timeless.
Lydia's dance is impossible. Dancing a bolero on a bench, and even her flying arabesque are impossible. And I hated it when Lydia said that dancers of Swan Lake should use more their necks than arms (what, they do!), and just dances "Swan Lake" (which part?). The songs are odd to dance to . And the stay away love chant is probably supposed to be based on the Swan Lake theme, but it doesn't fit exactly. I wished the one written this book had done more research on ballet because then I could have put it to my ballet books.
Czechs usually don't like soccer, but like ice hockey. What a luck, that Dusek's family does.

And of course, all beloved side characters are missing: Anna, Pearson, Artie, Melissa, Keiko, Mercedes, Dominic.
Nick, who had a sweet interactions with Lydia in the fourth book, and Tommy are in the shadows. Also Dusek has no character. The parents are pale characters even if the Latin is not too bad (but rusty)
Actually, this book relates only to The Penderwicks in spring, and with fading memories also to the first book. Batty can't remember, Birdsall can't remember, and of course Minima optima est. Books 2 and 3 seem to be unnecessary because nothing is remembered. And we'll never get anything about Mrs. Tifton's back story - I put so much work in my fanfic- and nothing about Sabrina Starr or Mick Hart.
Summing up, too less Penderwicks and even some cultural odds.

message 2: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
But some references to "My favorite pets" by Birdsall: Gus is reading a book to sheep.
And birdcalls are a witty praise of Birdsall. By herself?

message 3: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
And why is Batty suddenly a vegetarian and Jane wants to marry only a vegetarian? Let's guess if the author of the book is vegetarian...

message 4: by Verena (new)

Verena (auroralightheart) | 452 comments Mod
A protest letter is far too late, but I can't Imagine that this was planned entirely. Perhaps Birdsall will regret. There was always struggle between Skye and Batty in her and I think that the mother was always Birdsall. Skye has the looks and the temper, Batty the "name" and the love for music.
I'll stay with my theory that Skeffrey was doomed in the fourth book. Because there Batty became the singer, got into the mentore relationship, became Amy and Lydia was born to replace Batty. In this symmetry the half of Point Mouette is the mirror because there Jane says that she shouldn't marry and Batty will marry Jeffrey. Is this coincidence or geniusly stupid?
For me, Skye and Jane were a split mix of Jo and Amy, and Rosalind Meg and Batty Beth.
Especially the idea of "kept talking about marrying" sounds again so close to Dora West in Little Men.
I got the impression, that Birdsall used Camp Laurence and the second part of Little Women and Jo's boys. I'm not quite sure how, but Batty, Lydia and Alice, and also Jane show similarities to Dora and Bess and Josie. Actually, I mean the chapters "Josie plays mermaid" and "The worm turns out". Wesley reminds me of Dan because he leaves and sacrifices his true love for Bess. At first, I compared Nick with Dan, but Dan is more like Wesley a mysterious adventurer. Wesley is no Fred Vaughn, this would be rather Dusek.
I'm still keeping my Little Men and Jo's Boys theory because Little Women is not enough to explain everything. Like Rosalind and Tommy aren't only Meg and John Brooke, but also Daisy and Nat. (Did anybody read my Little Men references?).

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