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David Gooch | 4090 comments Mod

This is a spoiler thread for June Group Read: Close to Home, by Cara Hunter
Post in here if you wish to comment on the book and discuss details that may spoil or give away important or pertinent details for those who haven't read or finished the book yet.

AngryGreyCat (angrygreycatreads) | 565 comments I really liked this one. I liked how there were multiple possible motives and all the different suspects, between the parents, Leo, the step brother, his friend from the pedophile gang, even one of her friends, each which would provide a different theory of the crime. I found it really engaging and it kept me turning the pages quickly.

I did think the piece in the epilogue, in which it is revealed that some of the clues were the child's idea was weak. Although it was in keeping with the author's depiction of Daisy as precocious and sneaky/manipulative.

Beth Stewart | 617 comments I did not think the teacher was included enough in the story to make you even think about her as a suspect. And yes, Daisy was not presented as a likeable child and that made me wonder why the teacher liked her enough to risk taking her!

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AngryGreyCat (angrygreycatreads) | 565 comments I thought there was something up with the teacher when she couldn't supply Daisy's story or reference it for the police and then later produced it when it was most damaging to the father.

I just found the whole thing that the tooth was something Daisy planned and hid on her own to be a little far fetched.

Beth Stewart | 617 comments Well that's true. The child's story was weird. I am sure if any grade school kiddie here wrote a horror story like that the school psychologist would be called in

The only characters I formed any opinions on were daisy and her parents. all the others were very flat, including the detective. I suppose the inclusion of his personal tragedy was to make you empathize with his situation but for me, it didn't work.

David Gooch | 4090 comments Mod
Right this for me was not as good as it could have been.
Ruined with the wasted page of twitter comments every now and again through the book and the fact that the parents didn't recognise their own kid at a party straight away swung the pendulum over to it been mum or dad. Now I accept it wasn't or not supposed to be but the police went with Mum and quite frankly she was a sleazy no good piece of work. The teacher is ok as a culprit but there wasn't exactly a lot of clues to help you with her and come the end of the book I had got to point where I didn't care. I would not have finished this book if it hadn't been our group read.

My review is at

Beth Stewart | 617 comments But the trouble with the party scene is that mom was bent on presenting herself and everything around her as perfect. So, a perfect mom would have been doting on the children to impress everyone around her. This one didn't check on kids once..... Inconsistent behaviour in the development of the character by the author.

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