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Adrian's Lost Chapter by Richelle Mead

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"Adrian's Lost Chapter" is a few moments of time on his birthday, August 3.

Lissa had just been coronated Queen a few days before this story takes place.

His favorite relative, Queen Tatiana, was murdered a few days after Lissa's birthday, she was the only one that truly loved him for who he was. She always remembered to do something special with him on this birthday and he was missing her a great deal.

His mother was in court being sentenced for her crimes where she tampered with official records and she bribed a witness to say Adrian was not with Rose at the time of the murder. So she wasn't even going to be around on his birthday.

Adrian tells us he has seen Rose and Dimitri sitting outside on a bench, seen them at the Guardian things. He is hurting and it's not getting any better.

Jill comes up and tells him happy birthday. She's the only one that remembered.

She talks him into coming to a big dinner that night where she's going to be told what her future is. Because it's Jill, Adrian says okay even though he knows that Rose and Dimitri will be there.

Jill was killed at a big dinner and Adrian used Spirit to bring her back. I believe this dinner she's invited him to is the dinner where she's killed, now she's shadow kissed to him. This story was the first chapter of Bloodlines but Richelle Mead deleted it and start Bloodlines with Sydney being woken up.


This "Chapter" would have made a huge difference to me, I think I would have been better prepared, if I'd have found it and read it before I started the Bloodlines spin off.

I still hope RIchelle Mead will write another story line for these characters that we love.

Any questions? Comments?

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