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The Summer 2018 Challenge has begun!

Welcome back returning players! Thank you for making this group so much fun. If you are just joining us as a new player, we are glad you are here.

If you need help getting started please see Getting Started, SRC Explained, and Welcome Newcomers.

The Summer 2018 bonus theme is Theater (movie, drama, musical, dance)
There are 57 tasks.
The Challenge point goal is 995.

10 x 5 points = 50
10 x 10 points = 100
10 x 15 points = 150
10 x 20 points = 200
7 x 25 points = 175
9 x 30 points = 270
1 x 50 points = 50

Many of the tasks have already been posted. The remaining tasks will be posted as they are available. The aim is to have all tasks, excepting 50.1, posted by June 7. All tasks are draft until June 12. Please carefully review the task descriptions on June 13 as task requirements may have changed during the review period. Task 50.1 will be posted after the season midpoint July 15.

Please read the task descriptions thoroughly!

We strongly recommend that you review The Rules of the Challenge, FAQs and Posting Requirements.

The Summer 2018 Challenge will end on August 31, 2018 at midnight Eastern time.

We hope this season's tasks lead you to some great books. Happy reading!

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All the 5-30 point tasks for the Spring Challenge have been posted.

All tasks are draft until June 12. Changes may be made in the task descriptions until that date. Before you begin reading, please re-check the task description as some changes may impact your book choice.

There is a help thread for each task in the Summer 2018 Task Help folder. General questions about the Summer 2018 Challenge may be asked in the General Questions thread. Specific questions about individual tasks should be posted in the Help Threads for those tasks.

The 50 point task will be posted after the July 15 Challenge midpoint.

Happy reading!

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All of the 5-30 point tasks are now final. There have been tweaks to some, so be sure to read through them before posting.

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