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In honor of Jewish Heritage Month

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Mirta Trupp | 70 comments Mod
To say goodbye to May and Jewish Heritage Month (in the U.S.), here are 18 inspiring quotes from Jewish Writers:

Care to add one of your own?

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Mirta Trupp | 70 comments Mod
***I'm pasting these blog comments by Claudia Fabian>>>

I'd add this quote from BECOMING MALKA... "Being fearful, not only disproves your faith in God, but it shows you don't have faith in yourself."

and from DESTINY BY DESIGN. I loved this part when Mr. Bloomenthal can't decide if he is embarrassed, insulted or in over his head! "I do not wish to argue with you, Miss Abramovitz- certainly, not about this. Clearly, I do not understand the intricate workings of a young lady's mind and as you are an ardent advocate for designing one's own destiny, I will refrain from further incommoding such educated company with my humble opinions."

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