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A Midsummer Night's Dream
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Karin | 7477 comments The summary does more than this one will do, but in a nutshell, Helena loves Demetrius who is engaged to Hermia. Hermia is in love with Lysander who loves her back. Hermia and Lysander leave Athens to go somewhere where they can marry without her having to die or live as a nun if she refuses to obey her father. Helena, trying to win favour with Demetrius, tells her this plan so they follow. The fairy King wants the Queen’s page and puck is a prankster. So, with a bit of a mistake by Puck, he has some serious problems with who loves whom amongst mortals and fairies and also has put the head of an ass (that’s donkey, thank you very much) on one of the actors who wen
t into the same woods in order to rehearse.

Magic and fairies are not my cup of tea, and there wasn’t any big great statement that I could see here that I have seen in a few of his comedies, but it certainly is still fun.

I have no idea why anyone shelved this magical realism because it doesn't fit, IMO.

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Joi (missjoious) | 3834 comments This is my favorite Shakespeare play <3

Karin | 7477 comments Joi wrote: "This is my favorite Shakespeare play <3"

It's very popular, that's for sure.

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kris | 29 comments Saw a university production of this in high school, but they did a 1960s acid trip themed version of it. I found that the constant magical mischeif and psychadelic imagery worked well together.

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