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Kavitha Sivakumar | 38 comments A thread for Kavitha's record of A-Z challenge

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Kavitha Sivakumar | 38 comments Finding a book for B, S and Z going to be interesting hunt :)

Em*Greedy* (Iniya) (iniya_n) | 386 comments Hey Kavitha.. all the best for you bingo challenge.!!

Let me know when you find something for BC and Zoology..!!! And Law fiction as well...!!

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Kavitha Sivakumar | 38 comments Thanks, Ini :) For BC, hunt is still going on. So if you find any before me, please lmk.

For law fiction, I am going to read either John Grisham or William Myers. If you haven't read A Criminal Defense, that is a really good one. I finished it last year.

For Zoo, I am thinking of The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon. I need this for another Z challenge, 'rendu kallil oru manga'. If not, I already finished Two Weeks in Costa Rica which can also serve for this one. Fauna and Flora!

Em*Greedy* (Iniya) (iniya_n) | 386 comments two weeks book seem short.. Have added all to TBR and will chose based on when I read them ..!!! Thanks.!

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