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Julianne Gibson (badmadame) | 2 comments I just finished Bloodlines, which is the spin off of the Vampire Academy Series. I was so in love with it that it took-over the title as my favorite series. However, now that I’ve finished it, I’ve found myself craving a similar series yet failing to find one. I’ve read some old threads, like five years old, with series similar to Vampire Academy, but most of them did not appeal to me and seemed very high school-esque (I’m a college student, I hated high school, and I'm just generally am not interested in high school drama like stuff). I loved Bloodlines and Vampire Academy primarily because of the world that Mead developed. The way she not only developed Moroi, Dhampirs, Strigoi, Ex-Strigoi, Alchemists, Ex-Alchemists, and even Human Magic Users but also developed incredibly twisted, fascinating, and surprising story lines kept me more excited, interested, and drawn in than any other books I’ve read in my life. I truly felt like I could lose myself in her world. I also liked that romance was present, but it wasn’t the shining star of her books. Her characters personal stories and the plotlines were clearly at the forefront, while the romance was a nice little extra to have. For comparison, I’m almost finished reading Obsidian (Lux Series), which was one of the recommended books in the old threads I mentioned, and the romance completely takes up the entire book while the details, twists (if any even ever happen), and paranormal stuff completely take a back seat. Anyways, I’d prefer to not continue wasting my time on books I hate and really desperately just want to find another series like Bloodlines. I appreciate any recommendations or help y’all offer. Thank you.

Missdevora | 1 comments i've read VA and the Bloodlines and lots of other books (almost all) by Mead and loved them almost all.
Have you ever thought to read the genre of UF -Urban Fantasy?
My favourite writer is Karen Chance. She has 2 books series : the Cassandra Palmer ones is where you should to start and if you think you like them you can then read the Dorina Basarab. The writer also has quite a lot of free novellas on her website if you want to try her style. The romance is just and extra, the plot, fighting and storylines and the forefront in all her books.

kittykat AKA Ms. Tortitude | 392 comments Hi. I agree with Missdevora. You should really try some adult Urban Fantasy, even perhaps try some Fantasy, but steer clear of the YA variety. There are hundreds of series available if not more, and some are HUGE names. Most of the female written UF is not based around romance but does include it to some degree without it taking over the narrative.

A few lesser-known series you can have a look at are

Noble Dead by Barb Hendee first book is Dhampir
Allie Beckstrom by Devon Monks first book is Magic to the Bone
Crimson Moon by L.A Banks first book is Bad Blood
Blood Lines by Maria Lima first book is Matters of the Blood
Charlie Madigan by Kelly Gay first book is The Better Part of Darkness
Bone Street Rumba by Daniel José Older first book Half-Resurrection Blues

I would also suggest looking into some more of the groups here on Goodreads, there are those dedicated to UF and PNR, vampires and there are rampant discussion threads on different series or standalone books in the genre. You may be a bit more interested in the more adult version of the romance in some of these books.

There is also a whole boatload of male-written UF, some of it is more horror like than most written by women.

* just in case you've never heard the terms before
UF (Urban Fantasy) is fantasy set in the "real world" and can include paranormal elements and or characters,
PNR (Paranormal Romance) is basically romance set in a UF world. In most series, each book is primarily based on a different couple even though there is still an overarching theme or story to the series as a whole

Julianne Gibson (badmadame) | 2 comments Julianne wrote: "I just finished Bloodlines, which is the spin off of the Vampire Academy Series. I was so in love with it that it took-over the title as my favorite series. However, now that I’ve finished it, I’ve..."

Thank y'all so much. I had no clue Urban Fantasy was a genre and will definitely check it out as well as the books y'all mentioned. Once again, thank you!

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CrazyUnicorn | 20 comments If you liked Bloodlines and VA then you should try the Mortal instruments and it's spinoff series by Cassandra Clare. They're YA/NA but really good and don't have all that much of teen drama.
And maybe try The Iron king by Julie kagawa ( been a few years since I read it. So I don't remember if there was much tee n drama).
And since you already like Richelle Meads writing you should try her Dark swan series. Awesome awesome books.
And try to read Ilona Andrews books. All her or rather their (husband and wife team) series are really good :)

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