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Jay The Living by Matt De La Pena

Review by Jay Lease

In The Living, written by Matt De La Pena, the protagonist of the book is named Shy. He is 18-years-old and works on a luxury cruise ship. Known as a worker, Shy meets many new people and feels as though life can’t get any better. Until a huge tsunami wave came in and swept his whole life away, leaving him a survivor with only a few people left. Shy is forced to survive being stranded in the sea, making tough decisions and risking his own life to live.

I thought the book was good, it kept me drawn in to the story. Also, it does a great job of introducing characters, conflict, and the big plot. I felt a connection with some of the characters, like what would I do if I was in that situation, or if I could physically give the character’s advice. And not only does it focus on survival, it also focuses on the family which I don’t really see too often in the books I’ve read so far. Overall I really liked the book and if you like the survival genre mixed with a bit of drama this is the book I suggest.

Jace Wright I'm not all the way done with it yet but it is a really good book I enjoy how the setting is on a cruise ship. I think that's pretty cool, and I enjoy how the perspective of the story i told from Shy's pov.

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