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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 231 comments Mod
Nic rolled his white bowler hat down his arm tossed it up into the air before grabbing it with the opposite hand and settling it back into its rightful place on his head. Slipping his arms out of the denim jacket he often wore he tossed it over a fallen tree and took his cards out of the pocket, shuffling them out of habit before setting them next to the jacket and taking a small flat stone from the ground. He skipped it out across the lake and smiled, it was nice out here, quiet, of course sometimes it was too quiet.

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Tekla jumped slightly as the almost prfectly still surface of the water was broken by a small stone, which once it no longer jumped it floated down to where she was leaning against a rock. Normally she managed to be away from some of the incredibly annoying people here, but apparently someone had found her hiding spot. Scooping up the stone that had broken her peace, and slowly floated to the top and found who had thrown it in, launching it back in his direction without breaking the surface.

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Nic heard the whooshing of a rock being thrown toward him and saw it just in time to slide out of the way, mostly out of the way anyway. He winced as it slammed hard into his shoulder and caught the stone in his hand as it started to fall to the ground. It was exactly the same one he'd just thrown into the lake. "Of all the times I've done that, you've never thrown anything back at me." he chuckled, smirking toward the water, and whatever or whoever was in the water. Just as his mouth shut he realized exactly what was in the water, unless there was some other super jerk that could turn into a fish. "You decide the school pool is too small Tek?" he asked loudly, she wasn't exactly his friend, but they'd made it a habit their first year here to torture each other at every possible point. So maybe they were sort of friends, in a I'm going to see how many of your organs I can remove and still keep you alive kind of way.

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"I decided that ages ago, in case you hadn't notice. Also it smells bad." Tekla yelled back, sticking her head just enough out of the water, then sinking back to where only her eyes were visible. Slowly she moved a bit closer so that she didn't have to shout, since that required effort, and she wasn't exactly feeling putting out that sort of effort at the moment. "So is there a reason you couldn't go be annoying somewhere else? Did you get kicked out?"

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"I did not get kicked out, at least I can get kicked out, you're stuck here till you graduate." Nic spun the flat stone between his fingers and watched Tekla carefully, knowing that given the chance she'd use him as her a guinea pig for her newest poison, or acid, or whatever she decided to throw at him. He dropped the rock and bent to pick up his card from the log, "Care for a game Tek? I just got my deck back, one of the professors took it up, so I stole it out of his desk."

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"Don't want to hear it." Tekla said and flicked water at him, leaning forward on the ground when she was close enough to the shore. "I don't see why not, even though I do wonder how many times you'll lose those before you don't get them back again." She sighed, looking up at him for the last part before stretching out her arms. "You're going to get caught taking them back eventually."

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"You're going to have to come out then, don't want my cards wet you know." Nic landed on the log beside him and shuffled his deck of cards a second time. Dealing them to himself and to the other end of the log where Tekla would be sitting, she was the only one who'd ever beat him more than once, even with him cheating. "There's no way in hell you can win against me this year, I've made sure of it."

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"Right, we'll see about that." Tekla rolled her eyes with a tiny grin and dipped under again, walking out human a second later, perfectly dry. She sat down on the edge of the log and crossed her legs, placing one hand over the pile next to her. "So how would you 'make sure of it' anyway? Playing yourself? Doesn't give you much of an advantage."

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"By playing anyone I can and you know it mon ami!" Nic grinned and began the game, "I'll never get used to that, the fact that you're part fish and that your clothes randomly appear and disappear." It wasn't exactly random, just when she was human it mattered, and when she was a fish it didn't, and she never let him or anyone else see anything anyway.

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"Oh, shut it, it's better than if they stayed where they were. Play." Tekla rolled her eyes and lifted the cards in front of her face quietly. She lowered the slightly, glancing at him over the top. "Stop being so quiet, it's weird, and also annoying."

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Looking up from his own cards with a wide smile Nic tipped his head back and let his hat fall behind him, though strangely enough it landed top up in perfect form. "Let's up the stakes, loser breaks into the dean's office and steals the phone book." he obviously didn't mean the normal phone book, no this one had the numbers of every student, and their parents, along with addresses and other contact information which both Nic and Tekla could have lots of fun with. Problem was that this book was kept up locked up tight, and any student caught trying to even look at it would be in way too deep, that and some of the students didn't even believe the thing existed.

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"Fine by me." Tekla shrugged. It wouldn't matter much to her since she wasn't going to lose, meaning she would never be able to truthfully say that she touched it, because she wouldn't. Even if she did lose she could just threaten to drown him so that he would get it either way. She could afford to get into any more trouble here, at least not until she were to graduate.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 231 comments Mod
Nic muttered something in French as he picked up another card and smiled inwardly, making sure to keep a neutral face leveled on Tekla. "So do you think it actually exists? I mean, why would the school keep record like that?" His questions were mostly out of habit and a means for conversation rather than actual curiosity. He did believe the book was real, and he couldn't care less why they kept it that way, the blonde rat that called himself a prince probably would know, maybe he'd catch him later and ask.

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"There has to be some way of keeping records, and that's most likely to be it." Tekla lifted a card with two fingers and glanced at it before sliding it with the others, her near apathetic face not changing. Moving here eyes slightly she studied his expression, no matter how good he was at keeping a straight face, she was also good enough to see past it. Also there was the small fact that he had a couple of telling ticks that told her almost exactly what he was holding.

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"Yes, but why don't they just use a computer? We're not in the fifteenth century anymore!" Nic grinned as he put his cards down, and shook his hair out of his face. "Royal flush Tekkie, hearts." he reached behind him and grabbed his hat by the rim, tossing it into the air and smirking at Tekla as it flipped twice and landed on his head. He pushed it with one finger so that it would be straight and folded his arms.

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 197 comments Mod
"Because a computer can be hacked." Tekla shrugged, tossing her cards down without even looking at her final hand. "Don't call me that." She snapped at him and stood up to walk back into the water. It wasn't like she couldn't just make him do it anyway, she would just have to figure out his tells again which would be more time consuming than difficult.

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"Right whatever, call me when you're up for another game-" Nic put his hand up in the midst of gathering his cards, "On second thought text me, oh and when you get that book let me know, I believe a bag of dragon dung is in a certain royal's future." Once his cards were stacked and placed in the inside pocket of the denim jacket that he'd already slipped over his arms he tipped his hat to Tekla and turned away from the lake, though he kept a eye out for anything that the fish girl might throw at him.

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Tekla stared at him boredly, waiting until he hardly turned around before reaching her arm out of the water and grabbing hold of his ankle. As she shot back she dragged him down, knowing fully well that he had no way of worming out of her hand until she let him go since she was much stronger than him. "About the book," She said, though for the most part he wouldn't hear her, just see her mouthing words.

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"Hey hey h-" Nic's words turned to bubbles as he was dragged under the water. Once he got his head above the surface he spit lake water out and sputtered, "I thought we weren't going to play these games anymore." he exclaimed as he tried to kick his way out of Tekla's iron grip.

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"Games? You know I'm not playing any games." Tekla shrugged and held his foot still with little effort. "I'm serious." Dropping again for a second she dunked him under the water though she didn't hold him down. "The book, we both know I can't afford to get into any more trouble unless it's worth it."

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Nic shook his head when he came up again, "Yea, at least they expect that kind of behavior out of you, everybody expects me to behave like the noble prince, or like my dad, who by the way everyone thinks he's a saint. Nope, personally I like being a thief and a vagrant, but that's just me." his voice sounded slightly strangled, though he was managing quite well to keep above the reflective surface of the water.

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"Which is exactly why you are getting it, not me." Tekla said as she let him go. If he still disagreed with her, they were in the middle of a lake. She could always just threaten to drown him again. Crossing her arms she stared at him, waiting for a snippy answer she knew was coming.

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"Can't we talk about this? I mean-" Nic stopped when he saw her expression, which made it obvious that she wouldn't hesitate to drown him right here. "Fine, meet me in the library tomorrow, my lock picking set got taken by the dragon lady, and you're going to help me get it back." He knew she wouldn't be able to pass up messing with the dyed-red witch that ran the library as if she was the book goddess.

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"Because you can't show up someplace without making a scene? Fine with me." Tekla uncrossed her arms and floated down slightly. "Now, you should go. You're going to get wet if you bother me any longer." Not waiting for a reply she sunk like a rock back down to the bottom, stretching out her arms and putting them behind her head.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 231 comments Mod
"Yea, right Tek." Nic muttered and swam back to the water's edge, pulling himself out of the lake and struggling to take off his soaking wet jacket. "I'm already wet fish-girl!" He yelled toward the water before hurrying away to make sure she wouldn't grab him again. He flipped the jacket over his shoulder and stalked off through the woods toward the school.

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 109 comments Jordan headed to the lake, to relax and feel the wind blowing though his hair, born and raised in the desert glass is still a new thing to him so he walked barefoot towards the water, he held his staff out but didn't put it down in fear of damaging it.

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 197 comments Mod
Hardly even an hour after one annoyance had left, Tekla opened her eyes to see someone else at the edge of the lake. This time, however, it wasn't someone she seemed to recognize. Scooping up a small but heavy stone as she slowly floated up, she aimed her arm and launched it out of the water towards the head of the approaching person. Perhaps she could scare him off, or at least injure him so that he wouldn't come back anytime soon.

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 109 comments jordan seeing the rock coming towards him rises an eyebrow and side steps it. Then he picks it up and starts spinning it in his hand. Seeing the person who threw the rock at him he called out "Why did you do that young miss?"

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 197 comments Mod
Tekla frowned as he dodged, rising enough for her eyes to be above the surface. "Why not?" She answered sarcastically before disappearing again. She moved along the bottom towards the rock she had a thing for laying on and pushed it away with relative ease, being unusually strong did have it's conveniences. "No, no, no... that." Shuffling through a hidden stash of materials she wasn't even supposed to be allowed to have at the academy she pulled out a small vial, popping it open letting a few dense drops fall over a stack of small stones. She put it back and fixed the rock over it, taking a handful of now darkly coloured stones and rising back up enough to where she could see the face on the edge. She threw three stones, one on either side of him and one directly towards his face, throwing the other four all together. Going by the speed, direction and timing, it was incredibly unlikely that he would be able to get away from any more than two or three of them.

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 109 comments Jordan smiled sensing the magic in the rocks he thought "you want to play magic?" He lifted the snake headed brass staff and started to destroy the stones with his own magic zapping them as they came towards him smashing them into dust. Enjoying himself he readied himself for more.

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Lizzie [may soda be eternal] (kisaragiidolmomo) | 197 comments Mod
"Fine then, if you're doing that." Tekla held one arm out in front of her, slowly curling her fingers into a fist. The water at the edge of the lake slowly pushed forward, up to the persons feet before it began pulling him inward. At the very least he would come closer, which would make it easier to drag him under and make sure there weren't even any bubbles to rise to the surface.

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 109 comments Jordan once again sensing the magic thought "I only wanted to talk!" Having enough of this charade came the edge of the lake lifted his staff towards this women and said "You will cease attacking me." Pouring his magic into the staff trying to stop her from this charade like his father did many years ago.

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Tekla rolled her eyes as he said something about stopping attacking, though she could tell the more she tried to drive him off the more he seemed to feel like he needed to bother her. "What do you want and when will you be leaving?" She said as she stuck her head just out of the water, the irritated tone in her voice extremely obvious.

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 109 comments "I just wanted to talk for goodness sake!" Jordan said as he lowered the staff careful not to let it touch the water. Careful to keep his distance from her Jordan asked "Let me guess your ursula girl, right?" He said looking at the area around him. " Well it is nice to meet you anyway regardless of your annoyance, I will leave if you wish." P Jordan added as a final note

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"Good to know you simply associate people with their parents, now I know who to avoid." Tekla said, crossing her arms and glaring at him. "I can't say the same to you, since it isn't nice and either way I don't care, and yes, I would like you to leave."

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 109 comments "Okay then see you I guess, by the way if I was to suggest a hiding spot inside the school might be better because people prefer to go out side" Jordan said as he turned around leaving the women behind him

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 109 comments *END OF SCENE*

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) As they walked toward the lake Aerowen said thoughtfully, "The Underworld sounds very different to anything I've ever seen, three headed dogs, no sunshine, it sounds... interesting, and very unusual," then she added after watching him walk slightly ahead of her for a moment, "but you've obviously done well, no one who sees you would question that." The cool night air and the coffee helped to remove any last residual effects of the alcohol she'd had earlier, the benefit she thought of being a bit of a party princess, "at least I can hold my liquor.. usually." After walking in silence for a few moments she asked, "Straton, what is your mother like?" quickly adding, "You know if I'm not being to personal."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) ((better))

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 109 comments "Of course I've done well. I'm sure everyone does well no matter where they come from. They're alive after all," Straton said, wondering why she felt the need to state how well he was. Perhaps it had to do with where these princes and princesses came from, from a land of sunlight and birds or something. He didn't really see the difference between this world and the Underworld except the sun didn't reach the Underworld. But there was a light source. It was always his dream as a child to adventure out to find where the light came from. At her other question, he gave a nonchalant shrug. "As long as you tell me about yours in return." He flicked a smile at her. Staring forward, letting the steam from the coffee ghost in front of his face before he took a small sip. "And she's nice. Bit strict, but she's fearless too. I don't know, she's like any other mother except the fact that she wandered to the land of the dead and decided to stay."

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) Aerowen walked a while longer silently contemplating what Straton had said before saying thoughtfully "I guess growing up with so much death around you learn to appreciate life, that's probably a lesson we could all stand to learn." She wanted to ask him more about the Underworld as she walked beside him toward the lake, but he'd seemed annoyed by her barrage of questions, so he held them back. Aerowen giggled nervously when he said, "As long as you tell me about yours in return." before telling her about his mother, where to even begin, she thought to herself. She smiled at his description of his mother, "mine is strict as well, very demanding also, but I guess she has her reasons." Aerowen, was not sure where to go beyond that, most people already knew about her mothers history, the witch, the prince, ect... what most didn't see was the desperate cling to power that history had created in her mother. Smiling wistfully, Aerowen thought about what Snow had been like when Aerowen was a little girl, she'd never been certain what made her mother change but change she had. After a bit more silence she added, "She's beautiful, described by most as 'the fairest in the land' my father says it was love at first sight." Then searching for a distraction, she quickly said, "Do you really have a three headed dog?"

message 42: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 109 comments "No, I didn't. I learned that death was inevitable for all of us. I don't care about appreciating life and that nonsense," he said sharply, not appreciating the floweriness he associated with learning a lessons that better life. "It's just everyone I talk to that aren't in Elysium think that being well means being alive." Straton could have continued on, but the subject passed as she flitted to another, quick as a bird. At the description of her mother, he simply shrugged, not seeing why she had such a complex expression on her face nor why she changed the subject. Giving her a stare, he said flatly, "Yes. I already said that, didn't I?"

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) Aerowen giggled and looking Straton straight in the eye she grinned as she poked his chest and said, "You, Straton Plutarch Thanatos Voclain need to get over yourself and learn to appreciate being part of the 'living', everyone knows death and taxes are inevitable, but if you don't learn to appreciate life then you might as well be dead. You can cover with a snotty attitude all you want. I think you want to really live your life and enjoy it, I wasn't the only one kissing back there Mister you kissed me back, don't you for one second think I didn't feel your body respond to mine." Then grinning at him as he stared at her and rather coldly said "Yes. I already said that, didn't I?" she went out onto a dock and just before she dropped her dress she turned again and said. "Your choice, be just fine or be truly alive. I personally think you might just be a little afraid to actually live!" Aerowen then quietly dropped her dress on the dock and jumped into the lake.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) ((yea, she was looking for more details, but since they were not so forthcoming she's gone sassy, she tries to be a proper lady but it never lasts long))

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 109 comments To him, living life and appreciating it were different things and it made him irritated that she thought he was stooping to snottiness. It seemed she kept on interpreting his words in different ways and he simply wanted his words taken at face value instead of her searching for hidden meanings. Plus Straton didn't like her making assumptions about him when she had no idea about who he was. Instead of his usual blank expression, he gave her a smoldering frown, disliking how things have turned. Her words reminded him of his mother. "What does kissing back have to do with being dead or alive?" he asked, shouting angrily after her as she jumped into the water. What was with these stupid humans? Why can't they understand he was simply stating things as he saw them? Whenever he spoke of living in the Underworld, everyone thought his childhood was some giant tragedy or sob story when in fact it was the opposite. And when he said he didn't really care about life or death, it was true. He saw both sides of living and dying and simply accepted the balance, which is why he didn't want his words to be taken in another direction. Straton could feel a burning sensation in his fingertips and suddenly the cup of coffee in his hands burst into flames. He didn't pay attention to the hot liquid scalding his skin and instead he shoved his hands into his pockets. "Damn," he muttered under his breath, turning his back to the lake so she wouldn't see.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) ((like father like son, ;-) perfect for them both to just misunderstand each other over and over, off to sleep I'll post again tomorrow))

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) Upon hitting the water Aerowen quickly realized just what a huge mistake it was to jump in. The water was freezing, she tried to play it off splashing Straton, which seemed to infuriate him even more. "Wow you do have a temper don't you," Aerowen shouted from the lakes edge, as she weighed her options. Climb back up, try to get accustomed to the water, ask Straton again to join her, were all possibilities, although after the fit she'd just seen she guessed another kiss from the hot headed boy was out of the question... "at least for tonight," she said to herself. While his back was turned Aerowen quickly climbed back on the pier and pulled her dress back on over her very wet body. Why was he so defensive she thought to herself, as she walked toward him carrying her heels in her hand. Slipping up behind him silently she touched his shoulder and said, "Hey, are you ok?" then added, "I was just playing around." She sighed and quietly said "Geez, you gotta loosen up, you are gonna have an aneurysm. I mean really, I didn't mean any harm, I just wanted us to have some fun. I mean it's not everyday a girl gets to kiss the super hot son of a god now is it? You might have hundreds of fairy-tale princesses chasing you but you are defiantly the only demigod I've ever met.

message 48: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 109 comments Ignoring her comment about his temper, Straton decided to just push aside those feelings of irritation. He would either get angry again the more he thought on it or he would probably feel embarrassed, thinking of the scoldings he might hear from his mother. Straton wasn't there to defend himself and his views towards life and death, he was here to have fun and at least clear his name of his father's sins. While he was making that decision, he didn't hear her creep up behind him and so when he felt her touch, Straton automatically stiffened. Turning around, his face fell back into its smooth, bored expression. "Just peachy." Figuring stepping away would bring attention to his slightly burned hands, he remained where he was, wondering if she was simply spouting compliments because she wasn't afraid of being embarrassed any more or she was teasing him. In any case, Straton wanted to bring back the mood from before. He just didn't know how. Dead people didn't feel insulted for long and usually forgot Straton's insults or sometimes fumbled words. "No, it's not everyday. And I don't know what fairy-tale princesses you are referring to. I think I would notice if a hoard of them have been chasing me," he replied, a teasing smirk coming to his face at the end of his words.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) “Peachy huh?” Aerowen said flirtatiously, resisting the urge to reach up and touch him, “hmm I don’t remember you tasting like a peach, delicious yes, a peach though.” As Aerowen twisted her wet curls up to pile on top of her head she smiled at Straton saying. “All teasing aside, you really do have the most magnificent eyes;” then adding with a wink, “Even when you scowl at me.” Smiling at his rather sarcastic comment about the hoard of princesses Aerowen just smiled and said, “Well it’s defiantly good to know we won’t be swarmed by hordes of jealous princesses anytime soon that would be so inconvenient, I mean I didn't even wear proper running heels or bring boxing gloves.” Pleased to see he was starting to relax again Aerowen struggled to behave herself a little better so as not to upset him again. He’s just so darn pretty, she thought to herself as she watched the teasing smirk form on his lips and resisted to urge to step forward and kiss him again. She smiled at him and placing her hand on his chest briefly said, in a very matter of fact tone, “I am very glad I am the only fairy-tale princess chasing you currently,” then with a laugh she quickly added, “I’d hate to get a black eye from another girls elbow during the chase,” then grinning she held up her hand looking at her nails and said in mock horror, “or worse break a nail!”

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 109 comments He frowned. "I don't scowl," he protested stubbornly, but it was halfhearted as again he felt drawn closer to her. Straton gave a small laugh at her commented and he tilted his head to look down at her. "For some reason, I don't think boxing gloves or reasonable shoes are the proper attire for a party. Of course, there is no reason why it shouldn't. With all those drunks, it would be amusing to see them come to blows." Based off of this girl's drunkenness when she came up to him so boldly, Straton wouldn't be surprised to see cat fights rise up among the princesses there. His eyes briefly glanced down at her hand and unconsciously he took a step closer to her. "A broken nail would seriously damage a girl's image," he commented, nodding slowly in with mock graveness.

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