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message 1: by Claude (new)

Claude Bouchard (claude_bouchard) | 2 comments For those of you looking for new reads, you can have a look at my four novels, the first one being Vigilante.
Vigilante (#1) by Claude Bouchard Claude Bouchard

message 2: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) Looks interesting, Claude. What's the cover art? Is there a sample chapter to read?

message 3: by Claude (new)

Claude Bouchard (claude_bouchard) | 2 comments Hi Jim,

Cover art is a photo I took on our bedspread with a kitchen knife, an old baseball bat and a Crossman CO2 pellet gun (357 Magnum model!).

You can go to Worthyofpublishing.com and search my name or Vigilante and will find the first 20 chapters or so (of Vigilante).

I thank you profoundly for your interest as being an indie author/publisher is a difficult endeavour.

I look forward to your feedback and hope you spread the word!!

Thanks, Jim!


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