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Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein's first wife

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Ann Dzuik I am wondering whether any other reader was uncomfortable with the portrayal of a real person, the renowned Albert Einstein, in such an unflattering, perhaps even slanderous, image? Did Benedict's research truly reveal Albert to be such a self-centered cad, a physicist who cheated his research partner wife of her share of credit on Nobel-worthy discoveries? And what part of Albert's portrayal as a selfish, heartless husband was based on fact?
I understand that the book was published as fiction, but if the aspersions cast are purely fiction, then I think Benedict has done a disservice to her profession. Even fiction writers have an ethical standard to uphold and it would be unsporting to create dark myth about a real person.

Robert That's the problem with historical fiction. You can make up anything you want and if anybody complains, well, it's fiction. Authors should draw the line at character assassination when there's not a shred of evidence that it happened that way. I suspect the author had her own issues which were inappropriately put onto this story.

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