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message 1: by Hiruko, 狼 (new)

Hiruko (demonking) | 1036 comments Mod
Place approved character sheets here that are up for adoption

Once claims put it in your character thread

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So, I have my Familiar-Dubhan-up for adoption. He's the familiar of my student, Helen Taylor. You can read about him in "Create a Familiar"

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm putting Karma, Nagisa, Kitsune, And Katsumi up for adoption.

Katsumi is Yoshino's Familiar and Kitsune Is Yukino's familiar. Karma and Nagisa are students as well as friends.

You can read about them here; ( )

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Weird And Odd | 370 comments For like a solid 2 seconds I thought the topic of this thread was abortion.

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Weird And Odd wrote: "For like a solid 2 seconds I thought the topic of this thread was abortion."


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soub (gothstew) Lily Cardinal /Ice Wielding Delinquent/
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Anyone want to adopt Lily?
I still own her sister Jensen, so if you would rather adopt her just let me know.

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Everwing (riadragona) | 10 comments мαrιe wrote: "Lily Cardinal /Ice Wielding Delinquent/

>>Physical appearance<<<

ᐧHow old does he/she appear:
ᐧBody Build:
Lily has a thin, somewhat curvy build.

I do! :D

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