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Jeff Schanz (jeffschanz) Hello!
I’m looking for readers for my full manuscript, “A Vampyre’s Daughter.” It has elements of romance, violence, some sex and some humor.
I’m looking for overall reactions, not technical breakdowns. Liked it/disliked it, wanted more of/less of… I’m writing the sequel now and I would really like to know what could improve the next offering.

A troubled Army vet and a beautiful, lonely vampyre are drawn together on a desolate island, hunted by an evil that haunt both of their pasts, and threatens to destroy the fragile hope they cling to.

Brandt wakes up in the ocean, floating on the wreckage of a boat he doesn't remember being aboard.

Through bleary eyes, and faltering consciousness, he realizes someone is saving him, but doesn't know who. He wakes up again in a house on an unknown island, alone. He is simply happy to be alive -- until his haunting memories return.

He finds that a stunning, yet awkward, girl named Lia has been caring for him, along with her mysterious and frightening father. They seem merely eccentric at first, until an astonishing truth surfaces: Lia has fangs. Real serpent-like fangs. She confesses to be a vampyre, and yet promises no harm to Brandt.

Panicking, Brandt tries to escape the island, but the only possibility is an ancient derelict boat that has no motor or sails. There is nowhere on the small island to hide. He must come to grips with his new neighbors, and find a way to accept their friendship if they are all to survive. Because, there are real monsters hunting Brandt. Monsters with guns and explosives rather than fangs or claws. Assassins who will find this island and kill anyone in their path to get to Brandt.

With help from Lia to repair the boat, Brandt pledges to set sail and lure the assassins away. But the repair takes days. And as each day passes, Brandt finds himself more and more enchanted by the sweet and gentle woman who claims to be a benevolent vampyre. He doesn't believe he deserves love and happiness, but could they possibly lie in this enchanting girl's embrace?

Her past has imprisoned her on the island, and his has imprisoned his soul, and both of their worst fears come back to threaten their newfound hope together. Days earlier, Brandt would’ve traded his life for a chance at redemption against his enemies, but now there is more at stake than he is willing to sacrifice. In a battle to save their lives, Brandt will also fight for his soul against a terrifying enemy that is more powerful than he could have ever imagined.If it interests you, please let me know and I’ll send you the links to download it. Thanks so much!

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Jeff Schanz (jeffschanz) I'll consider a beta swap as long I don't have to do a detailed technical crit. Overall reaction, impression, like/dislikes I can do comfortably.
If you really need a more technical, detailed, edit-style crit, it would need to be for something short, or first chapter or two.

message 3: by Arcadia (new)

Arcadia Brooke | 2 comments Sounds like a fascinating premise. I have a lot going on right now to promise a fast turnaround, but if you're looking for just a basic 'overall feel' beta read, I can probably do that -- at least the first 5000+/- words, for sure. I can also look for obvious grammatical errors and edits that jump out at me too.

Would you mind maybe just sending a few chapters first? Or at least expect that I may only read the first few? I don't want to make promises and then let you down, but I can commit to a few chapters without any hesitation.

I can't say it would be my chosen genre necessarily as I prefer romances with guaranteed happy endings in my fiction, but I write urban fantasy/alt history, but I would absolutely give this book a good look at a library based on the blurb. And may very well take it home depending on the hook and style. It sounds promising. As for a swap, I don't have anything ready right now, but maybe we can rain check. 😊

PM me if you are interested.

message 4: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Schanz (jeffschanz) I PM'd you :)
And a rain check is perfectly fine. And/or a favor anytime you want it. Just ask. :)

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