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Thoughts on ending?

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Alexa Herz What did everyone think of the ending?

Leslie Cannon I have to say I was really disappointed. I was surprised, sure, mainly because, to me, it just didn't make sense. Many of Clara's thoughts/words/actions throughout the book just were not at all consistent with the thoughts/words/actions of someone who knew the "real" story of Kristin's disappearance all along. It felt to me as though the author just manufactured a shocking plot twist at the end only for the sake of having a plot twist at the end; never mind that it didn't fit in with all that had gone before.

Madison Leppzer I kind of agree with that Leslie! It's definitely a crazy twist that feels a bit.. manufactured. Like you pointed out, it's not consistent with Clara's behavior.. especially when her point of view is so prominent and everything she does is so genuine. It would be interesting to reread this one with this perspective.

Molly Meh. I felt that Clara was an unreliable narrator... or I suppose an "unreliable perspective" since the book is in the third person. Looking back on her actions, they don't make any sense to me. She knows that Paul is dangerous. She hears him call in to Izzy's radio show. So then she goes to the police........ but doesn't mention it at all? Why.

I guess I was surprised by the un-surprise of Paul being the bad guy. It was so obvious that it was him, I thought for sure the twist was going to be that he was actually innocent.

I had (oh so wrongly) predicted that Natalie's husband was going to end up being the villain that Kristin was running from. Maybe they'd had an affair and he was threatening her to keep quiet. So Kristin catches wind that he's coming back on leave and runs away.

Natalie's husband (can't remember his name) then comes for the weekend. Hallie shares her newspaper with him, and he's of course eager to point the blame in another direction. So he helps her print it at the hotel and helps put it in mailboxes. Because that was one thing that was unexplained--how did Hallie get so many copies distributed? Didn't she do it one morning before school or something?

And that hotel where Natalie's family has their trip is the same hotel where Clara has her traumatic experience--seeing her friend murdered. So I was thinking it'd end up he'd be involved with that as well. But...... I was way, way off!

Emily I also did not like the ending. Although overall, I just did not like the book. The ending could have been shocking and good, if the author had written it into the book properly. But everything in this book just seemed so mechanical. Of course Paul was the bad guy, of course the neighbors were going to look suspicious, and of course Izzy was going to fall for Paul. Because that is what happens in basic plot lines. The ending would have been shocking if there were some signs, besides the fact that the girls memories were "blurry". There were none, though. The author just wanted a shock factor, but she did not do it well. On the flip side, I think a book that did the shock factor ending well was "The Last Time I Lied" by Riley Sager. Some people did not like it, but I personally loved it.

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