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(Here we go, may it be lots of fun! Wanna jump to the RP with character's names or make detailed characters? Your call).

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(Sweet! On my character page I have one named Celeste Lynne Miller. So, how about they start falling for each other after the mystery comes in place?)

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(I'm glad you like the sound of it! I was thinking that as far as the mystery goes, they find a wooden box in the floor of an abandoned mercantile and from then on, it's also a mystery for us. You can add ideas whenever you'd like!)

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(Hey! I'm back now, sorry for vanishing. I'll start if you'd like me to).

Celeste had been roaming the darkened streets as the moon's graceful presence had lingers in a reflection over the river's gentle surface. She jogged down to the docks, her boot heels clicking on the wooden panels as she sat and dangled her legs from them.

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Noticing a shadow in the near distance of the moon's lightened expression, Celeste stood up and ran to the boat ramp. She noticed a limp body atop the surface. "Hey! What the hell are you doing down there?" She asked as she threw off her boots and dove into the water, unafraid of her getting wet. She approached the body and looked at it as she took his arm's pulse.

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Celeste jumped a bit although she'd been in water when the body had moved away from her. "What are you doing?" She asked nervously as she looked at the person with a startled expression.

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"Floating in the dead of the night under the moon like a dead body, am I correct?" She asked in a non-joking manner but it was funny to hear.

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"Well I opened my eyes and saw you," she had replied and rolled her eyes with a laugh building in her throat. "It's not normal to float in this river during the night though."

(Sorry for not replying and he he, what the numbers mean? XP)

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"I must agree with you," she smiled warmly and looked up at the galaxy's shell of darkness. "It's beautiful indeed."

(Well your summoning worked. I like numbers... Lol!)

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(That it has, my friend, that it has! Ha ha! Sorry for the late reply once more, please forgive me, I'll try to be better).

Celeste had been gazing at the stars, a sleepy yawn spreading across her lips as her eyelids heaved. She started bobbing awkwardly then shook out of it, looking around for Ryuu as she swam towards the rippling water's center. "Where you go?"

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Celeste swam to the river bank, pushing herself up to it's ledge as her wet clothing had held her down, making her fingernails eventually dig into the moist mud. Once she was up she had wrung her soaking wet brunette locks out and shook like a dog, sighing and looking into the water with a confused expression as she wiped away the beads of water dotted over her lipstick.

(Thx for understanding and yes, dragons have many unknown-often things to em so I no judge. XP).

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Looking at the being with a gawk, Celeste rubbed her fists into her eyes then blinked. The moon being Ryuu's background made it more clear as to why she'd been floating and swimming this late at night. "Y-you're a dragon woman?"

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"Oops, please forgive me," she tossed her hand over her mouth quickly, not wanting her curiosity to overpower her mindset.

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Celeste had let her feet dangle over the mossy river bank as she sat on the dock, looking at Ryuu with a rather excited expression. "Celeste," she shook Ryuu's hand gently then released. "Yours?"

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"Good to meet you, Ryuu," Celeste had grinned widely at her new friend, then taking her glance to the stars to hide a light blush.

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Celeste chuckles lightly when Ryuu's tail hits the board. "You're really strong! That wasn't even rotted!"

(Ha ha, indeed!)

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Looking back at the lake as well, Celeste inhaled deeply. Letting the breath of the night out, she smiled. "So, where do you live if you don't mind I ask?"

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"That works perfectly fine. I'm sure it's nice exploring different chances of where you call home. I've always wished to travel and that's practically what you'd call your adventures, right?" Celeste had added with a gentle smile as she wadded her feet into the water slowly, the coldness giving her a shiver.

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"I'm sorry to hear that, Ryuu. People can be really cruel these days," she glared into the water solemnly at her midnight reflection. "Hope you find a forever home that loves you for you."

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"Anytime," she whispered with a grin and trailed her gaze back up to Ryuu. "I'm 22. The funny thing is... I still feel like a neverending teenager!" She laughed with a grin. "And you?"

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"My gosh, so you aren't quite sure what it's like to be a teen, huh?" She gave a laugh in return to Ryuu's comment, grinning and wondering what it was like to be in your hundreds.

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Frowning slightly, Celeste had felt bad for bringing the topic up. "I understand," she placed her hand on Ryuu's shoulder. "Sorry to hear that."

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Celeste looks at Ryuu with a bit of a frown. She hadn't tried to eavesdrop, but her words had been overheard. "Ryuu, you may speak with me if you'd like," she smiled and gave her a small side-hug. "Not to pry though."

(HAHA, I love that! Sorry for not seeing your post!!)

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(Hewe I awm. Too funny! It probably sounded so sweet until he hit the part about the violets. Lmao! XD)

"I do but it's not all that good. My Father and Mother were struggling to make money and we lived in a run-down house, bad weather making it even worse then it had already been. I try to make money for them now but I just can't find a job that keeps me." Celeste said with a frown. "I'm sure you've been through rougher though."

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(Think we double posted. My post is on next page).

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Celeste had taken a few moments to think, gathering her thoughts and looking at Ryuu. "It is amazing that you'd survived it," she blinked then looked back at the water, glaring into it solemnly. And she thought her life had been tricky... "Do you like working with the circus?"

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"You're not a freak," she placed her hand on Ryuu's shoulder gently with a smile. "Would you ever be willing to bring me to the circus when it's in the area?" Celeste said while lightning the mood.

(HAHA. Sorry again, didn't see the notification!)

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"Well then count me in!" Celeste gave a big smile and reluctantly pulled her hand from Ryuu's soft shoulder. She'd never been to a circus but she always read of them.

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Celeste had chuckled lightly, glad to see Ryuu was happy. "Do you sleep down here?"

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(Hello and good evening to you as well. Ha ha. Please, I cannot say it enough, I apologize for not responding right away. Things have been hectic and as a fair warning, I may not be on too much in the Summer).

"That's nice," she smiled warmly and gazed into the river. "I bet it's so very peaceful and calming."

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(Hello and sry again! Fair warning; I'll be busier).

"I can imagine. It's beautiful as is and I'd adore the sunrise," she grinned widely as the river reflected in her eyes.

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"I'd love to," she smiled and looked at her wet feet in the water. She wondered what it'd be like to live like Ryuu had.

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Jumping into the water and holding onto her breath, Celeste explored the midnight blue lake. She couldn't see the entire grounds, but, it was beautiful.

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'It's absolutely gorgeous!' is what Celeste had been thinking when really, she needed to go up for air to say that. Instead of pulling from the view, she nodded her head in pure agreeance.

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Celeste took the air bubble in her hands with a soft chuckle and took it in, able to get a short moment of air. "It's so wonderful! Thank you for sharing this sight with me," she smiled warmly without taking in any water.

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Celeste had softly blushed then took in the scene some more before she had risen to the surface.

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Celeste chuckled warmly, looking at the upcoming moon then glaring back at Ryuu. "Well I'm completely human but I'd be more than happily pleased to have abilities or at least something to make me worthwhile," she grinned softly.

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Although Celeste had only known Ryuu for the shortest while, she understood the infamous thinking expression when she saw one. "Whatcha thinking about, new friend?"

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(Thy Kaitlyn is back- freakish and all. Sorry for just now getting caught up).

"That's truly fascinating," Celeste smiled with a soft chuckle. "What kinda potions do you gather?" She asked, completely intrigued by her new friend.

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"That's intriguing to know," Celeste had replied with a gentle smile as she looked at Ryuu, studying her beautiful yet strong appearance. She'd heard myths about beings like Ryuu, but never had she thought she'd meet one.

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Celeste had listened to the words Ryuu had spoken, then, turned her head to glare at the sunrise as well. "mind I ask what had happened with her idea?"

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(Sorry. Just wanted to let you know that I won't be on for a short while. I need to take a break from the internet).

"That's amazing," Celeste had commented with a smile. She was very fascinated by this supernatural way of living. Ryuu was an intriguing, pretty, and smart being. She was happy to have met her.

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"Okay," Celeste frowned slightly but then picked up into a gentle grin. "Will I see you soon again?"

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"You have a very valid point. I'll see you soon, then," Celeste grinned softly.

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The smile Celeste had seen was a very comforting one. She watched as her new friend had vanished into the sky, sharing a smile as well.

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((Sure thing. At the circus's next stop?))

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Celeste had been running a bit later than she would've pleased but fortunately, she entered the large tent in await to see Ryuu. Giving some money for cotton candy, which was her favorite, she zoomed her eyes around the place.

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((Hahaha!! Sorry, I've been scatterbrained but am here now...a little less messed up)).

Celeste watched while eating her cotton candy as the boy entered the stage with the snake, a brave child he was. Celeste chuckle when he began to sing, then she looked toward the curtain where she assumed Ryuu had been.

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Celeste paused eating her cotton candy when she saw Ryuu walk onto the stage. She looked beautiful and happy. Celeste waved to Ryuu with a big smile then a thumbs-up, happily waiting for he performance.

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((Sorry, didn't see your response)).

Celeste blushed lightly when Ryuu had winked. She watched the fire transform into this wondrous form of art, making it into a gorgeous red rose. She watched Ryuu dance in a beautiful way, the fire swirling like magic.

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