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message 1: by Ian (last edited May 30, 2018 04:08PM) (new)

Ian Miller | 11780 comments Here is a puzzle for amateur Sherlock Holmes. My morning paper has an item in which said Arkady, a Russian journalist who has been strongly critical of Putin, was shot dead in Kiev. The Ukrainian police issued a statement saying his wife found him bleeding at their apartment, but he died on the way to hospital. People around the world have called for a full investigation, the report said, and "Russian spy agencies" were the main suspect. Ukrainian police released a sketch of the suspect, and Ukrainian and Russian officials immediately began sending caustic comments at each other. Poroshenko issued a strong anti-Russian statement.

Reading this was somewhat amusing because the latest news on the radio indicated that there was a public statement on the matter in Kiev, and Arkady walked onto a stage. The incident had been staged, allegedly to "flush out Russian agents wanting to assassinate him". Further, his wife had no idea this was going on and she thought he was dead. When he finally gets home, he may get that way.

Obviously, it is difficult to know exactly what happened, but this makes little sense. If he really thought the GRU was after him, he should have stayed dead. You don't chase a corpse. It makes no sense to say he and the Ukrainian police were trying to flush out Russian agents trying to kill him. Suppose it were true that there were said Russians. When they saw on TV he had been shot, what would they do? Be flushed out, or smile sweetly at an easy job, but keep an eye on his family, etc, just to make sure? At the very least, they would do nothing until after the funeral, so why did the Ukrainian police, the were in on this farce, spoil everything before the funeral?

What the outcome of this will be, as one reporter said, from now on nobody will believe anything coming out of Kiev. At least not without verifiable evidence, which, of course, is what I think should be sought anyway.

message 2: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 2328 comments I was thinking that too...if the Kremlin really wanted him dead, wouldn't they try again after learning the news was fake?

message 3: by Michel (new)

Michel Poulin It seems that the Ukrainians are not too good at thinking much further than their noses. They could lose a lot of outside support because of this keystone Cops stunt.

message 4: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 11780 comments The latest, according to the New York Times, was they knew a Mr G hired a hitman who told the police, so they went through with the stunt. Why didn't they simply arrest Mr G? In my opinion, if the GRU really wanted to kill Arkady, he would be dead. They are too efficient to go through this farce.

message 5: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 16061 comments Yeah, a clumsy stunt, especially with the global echo. What for? Maybe they did apprehended the customers, but it's a sloppy rendition in any way you look at it...

message 6: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 11780 comments The good news, from Ukraine's point of view, is this will probably be quickly forgotten with so many other things going on.

message 7: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 11780 comments Talk about bizarre. The "hitman" now now turns out to be a strongly Russian hating Ukrainian priest from the "Right Sector", an ultranationalist right wing organisation, and he was allegedly "hired" by a Ukrainian arms manufacturer.

Not strong, the Kremlin ties be.

message 8: by J.J. (last edited Jun 04, 2018 08:17AM) (new)

J.J. Mainor | 2328 comments That's kind of funny in the same lines that the would-be Trump assassin in the 2016 campaign who was an illegal immigrant wasn't the brown Mexican we'd think of when we think "illegal," but a white guy from Great Britain.

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