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"The Meeting" by Richelle Mead

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Gina Bowman | 22 comments Mod
This is a short story that Richelle Mead wrote and put online. It was included in Vampire Academy 10th Anniversary Edition.

This is the first chapter of the book, Vampire Academy, from Dimitri's point of view.


I love how he sees Rose, I mean how he gets her. He sees so much in those few minutes, from the time he first sees her through the window to when he introduces himself. He sees everything she is.

I laughed when he started thinking about her on pages 426-427. He has NO idea what is going to happen to him because of this very moment.

So, what did you think of this story?

Do you love it? Did you find anything new in it? Do you see any foreshadowing for their future in it?

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Gina Bowman | 22 comments Mod
Did you notice in the book Dimitri sees Rose through the window? He steps back when she looks out and notices him.

In The Meeting Dimitri is standing under the tree watching and the guy comes up talking to him. Then he gets a message in his ear that the girls have been spotted a few blocks away. He orders everyone to points that will surround them. He's talking to that guy, he doesn't see Rose and Lissa through the window.

In the movie he sees them, he also sees the bite marks later on and seems surprised. But in The Meeting he doesn't see the bite marks until she stumbles and he catches her?

What do you think?

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