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message 1: by Destiny (new)

Destiny Kley | 11 comments Spellcaster – Claudia Gray
Review by Destiny Kley

This is the first in the Series, and Nadia is the main character, along with her newfound friends. Nadia and her family, her dad and younger brother Cole moved to Captive Sound. Her parents recently divorced, and they decided it was best to move to a new place to get a fresh start. Nadia’s family hadn’t even reached their new house when they got into a car accident; just past the border of the town. This is how she met Mateo, he was the one who pulled her family out of the wreck, and since that moment, they have been inseparable. And the first day of school, Nadia met Verlaine, an outcast in the community that no one truly cared for her. Nadia, Verlaine, and Mateo quickly become best of friends because of what happens later, Nadia and her powers is what links them altogether. Nadia knows she isn’t supposed to tell anyone that she is a witch, especially no man, but she soon realizes after she discovered that Mateo is her steadfast, she must break one of the first laws or witchcraft and tell the first man about witchcraft.

I thought this book always had a moving line, and something was always happening. The characters really had a chance to grow throughout the plot, and as they grew, the more careful they became. I really enjoyed seeing how Nadia grew, but I saw more growth in Mateo. Mateo was a strong character, and his personality was unique. The plot was intense and kept me wanting to read more, I was eager to find out what would happen next, as something new was continuously popping up. When Elizabeth became an important character to the plot, I wanted to know more about why she is the way she is, what caused her to become evil. As her character develops, you find out that she works for the One Beneath, aka, the devil, and it was surprising to find out about this, because she is the town’s favorite person. I never liked Elizabeth all that much because she was constantly up to no good, trying to destroy Mateo with his family curse, going after Nadia, it was all kind of frustrating seeing things play out the way they did. And I personally thought that her character was a bit over emphasized. As for Verlaine, she was very clearly the town’s outcast, but it wasn’t her fault. It became known that Elizabeth had “stolen” her lovability. Which means, the way everyone feels about Elizabeth, is supposed to be the way everyone feels about Verlaine. I enjoyed seeing all the characters grow into their own personality, and circumstances. And I think the author did an great job with the pacing of the plot, and spacing in which you learn certain things about a character, the details were spread out enough so that it wasn’t one cluster of details that made the rest of the book boring.

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 12 comments This book sounds very interesting. I like books that have to do with people having power because its crazy to think that someone can posses such a thing. Totally something that I will read.

message 3: by Asia (new)

Asia Verbrugge | 15 comments This book seems like there is so much important content that its difficult to explain every little thing that happened in one post. Would you say that Nadia is someone who you'd want to be like, or is her character flawed in any way?

message 4: by Braedon (new)

Braedon Benson | 7 comments This book sounds interesting, that being said i've never been a fan of magical powers in a real life setting. That being said my favorite part of books is less about the overarching story, but more about how the characters interact with the world and others around them and also how they grow as people.

message 5: by Cameron (new)

Cameron | 9 comments this book seems very interesting, I like books that have something going always, that makes you turn the page. from what it sounds like the characters diversity makes the plot very interesting.

message 6: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Cucksey | 12 comments This sounds like a very unique storyline. How many books are in the series? And was this one interesting enough to make you want to read the next?

message 7: by The Noah-itall (new)

The Noah-itall Taylor-Ortiz | 15 comments This seems like a good enough book. It's definitely got the "hey look at me I'm a special snowflake" plot that I've personally always had an issue with, but if the execution is good, than I guess I won't really care about that whole controversial story cliche...

Also, the whole Elizabeth bit...
I don't mean to put you down, but the next time you write a review of whatever sort, make sure not to accidentally spoil any important plot points, or at least alert the audience if you're going to do so.

If somebody actually wanted to read the book your presenting, I would imagine the sudden transition from describing why you like the book, to revealing important parts of the story, would kind of dampen the mood of those who wanted to check the book out.

But hey, in spite of that glaring issue, good review overall.

message 8: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Keeley | 8 comments Was the witchcraft in this book believable?

message 9: by Destiny (new)

Destiny Kley | 11 comments Yes, it was believable, and it didn't make it sound all cheesy.

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