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Raymond Crane (goodreadscom-booksiecom) | 5 comments The Story of Y and Z - a mercy killing
Y and Z are two middle aged men who see each other on a bus each morning. Y is a lawyer and Z is the bus driver. Z always says that the beaming smile and happy, ‘good morning’ of Y makes his day. Unknown to Z, Y’s wife dies of natural causes and Y who was always extremely happy becomes depressed. Z is involved in an accident while driving his bus and loses an arm. Unable to drive the bus anymore and having no means of support he is driven to begging on the street and sleeping under bridges.
A week of extremely cold winter weather causes stress for Z and he asks Y if he can stay at his apartment for the rest of the week. They become good friends and Z goes back to living on the streets and he turns to alcohol to endure his sad situation. The two men meet each day in a local park, sit on a bench and chat. Y becomes very depressed and tries to commit suicide by shooting himself but is unsuccessful. He has an expensive operation.
Z befriends a stray dog he sees every day in the park. He gives the dog water and a sandwich to eat each day. A long time passes then the dog attacks him and he loses use of his one hand. Y goes to the park every day and feeds him with food and drink he has prepared himself. Z is attacked again by the dog, losing use of his arm. He decides to poison the dog so he buys the poison and puts it in the dog’s water bowl. The dog disappears.
Y becomes depressed again and wants to end his life, then he has an idea – he would get Z to buy some more poison and he would drink it with his coffee with Z in a local café. ‘Whether you agree or not, whether you get me the poison or not I shall kill myself.’ Then he thinks of Z and what a hard life he lives. Out of sympathy he proposes to Z that he write a note explaining a mercy killing, saying that Z bought the poison and fixed it in his coffee because of jealousy. He explains to Z that in their country a mercy killing is considered murder and Z would go to gaol for the rest of his life which would be better than living on the streets.
They carry out the plan – a very touching scene – and there is a court trial where Z admits that even though Y was his best friend he was jealous and he poisoned his friend. He is sent to gaol where he lives comfortably for ten years. Then on his death-bed he writes a confession to the Governor. He says that he only agreed because he didn’t want his friend to suffer from depression anymore and because he knew the poison was painless. He said ‘yes to his friend’s suggestion, it was a mercy killing but he had an ulterior motive – that is, to be tried and sent to prison for the rest of his life because he was homeless and often hungry. He pleaded to the Governor to stop mercy killing from being against the law, and besides he in fact was not the one who put the poison in his friend’s coffee, but he did buy the poison. He thanked the Governor for his hospitality and recommended the State’s prison system as a suitable refuge for those in a deplorable life situation.

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Raymond Crane (goodreadscom-booksiecom) | 5 comments All comments welcome, and please check me out here, on booksie.com or Amazon kindle. Also now - Smashwords - THANX!

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