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message 1: by Liz (new)

Liz (elizziebooks) | 12 comments Mod
Should Mara take the pills?
Why was Mabel scared of Mara?
Jamie kicked out of school - uh oh!
Daniel and Noah are friends ?!?! Is this a good or bad thing?

message 2: by Lacey (new)

Lacey | 3 comments Hmm...I'm torn on the pill thing. I personally, don't think she should take them. But then again if it works...

I think Mabel might be afraid of Mara cuz she may sense something about her. Dogs are pretty good about sensing things we can't about people. hehe!

I couldn't believe Jamie got kicked! Anna and Aiden are starting to tick me off. I think Mara needs to do some imagining about those 2...give them a case of hemoroids or something. hehe! Maybe it will come true!

I think it would be a good thing for Daniel and Noah to be friends. It makes for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Also I wanted to add, how I hate that Spanish teacher! She had no right to fail Mara no matter on how her feelings towards her is! She answered the question correctly. So she should of got an A. That teacher should be fired! Sounds like she's abusive anyway..that shouldn't be accepted.

message 3: by Shania (new)

Shania I don't really think Mara's crazy, so I don't know if the pills are a good thing or not. I think the idea is good, but I'm not sure.

Mabel might sense that something's off with Mara and that may be why she's scared around her. Either that or she may associate her with her old owner.

I think Daniel and Noah being friends could be a good thing! It seems like they both genuinely want what's best for Mara so I think the two of them working together and being friends could be good for both them, and her.

I'd also like to add that Anna, Aiden and the Spanish teacher are all insane! They're shameless and I can't believe the tricks the three of them are all willing to pull, just because they don't like Mara.

message 4: by Spencer (new)

Spencer | 3 comments 1. I think that the pills could help and hurt her, so far she hasn't seen her old friends. On the other side she needs to learn what actually happened in that building.

2. I think that after the incident with Mabel, the pug, and the black cat. Animals are sensing something is off with Mara.

3. I hate that Jamie got kicked out of school, but it just shows that money has power at that school. Anna and Aiden are going to continue to do this because nothing is going to happen to them.

4. I like that Daniel and Noah are friends because it shows that even through all of the talk about Noah, her brother doesn't believe it after getting to know him.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahcball) Should Mara take the pills?
I am not a big fan of pills so I think she shouldn't, But they really seem to be helping. If I was Mara I would totally take them just so I wouldn't have to be worried about my dead friends haunting me. But as the reader I want more scary moments and we aren't getting that with her taking the pills.

Why was Mabel scared of Mara?
Animals are really good at sensing things.

Jamie kicked out of school - uh oh!
Oh my goodness I am not happy about this at all! I hate Anna and Aiden. Mara needs to think of some things to do to them. Also I will add the Spanish teacher as well. Kill her off Mara!!!

Daniel and Noah are friends ?!?! Is this a good or bad thing?
At first it was kinda weird seeing that they knew each other, But I am loving the fact that they are friends.

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