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message 1: by Leon (new)

Leon Kock (leondekock) | 16 comments Hi.
Can you please ad my book, ‘Guide to Dreaming’, to GoodReads, and also add it to my GoodReads author page?

* Title: Guide to Dreaming
* Author(s) name(s) Leon de Kock
* ISBN (or ASIN): B0797Q4YNZ
* Publisher: Leon de Kock
* Publication date: January 22, 2018
* Format: e-book
* Description: This book is a companion book to the novels Dream World and Dream School.
It is a freestanding book, and there is absolutely no need to read the novels to use this book. The guide will also not be punting the novels at each opportunity, so relax!
This guide to dreaming is meant to give the reader some insights into the world of dreams and dreaming. It will, hopefully, show you how to enjoy the rich life available in the dreaming world.
* Page count - depends on device.

Leon de Kock

message 2: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 23517 comments It has been on your profile since January.

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