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Mason Lugg Mason Lugg
English 3

Part 1: The final book I read I absolutely hated, because I never liked how it was written, I don’t like the wizardry in it, it is so confusing for me to understand the concept of this book, and I do not like the characters (there is actually only one character that I found out that was my favorite). The book I read was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I absolutely hated it. The book was not well written, it had wizardry in it which I hate. I saw parts of the movie, but when I saw something I did not like, I would have stopped watching it. The book was written by J. (Joanne) K. Rowling. The book is Fantasy/Fiction The main character is Harry Potter if you didn't know that by now, then you are something special. My Favorite character is Rubeus Hagrid. What I actually did before reading this book, is I started it, found something I hated, then skipped into more of the books. From book two until the end of the series, or book eight for this matter. No matter what I found, It was something that I hated. So I had no choice but to continue reading book one. The Moral of the story is, if you are currently reading a book, and you see something that you can easily picture in your brain, that you do not like, or it is scary, or whatever there have you, then stop reading it, even if it is getting to be a good book. Without wizardry in the book, it would be a way better book, but because it has wizardry in the book, it absolutely sucks.
Part 2: If I were to give this book a rating, 1 star, and a poor rating, it absolutely sucked. I didn’t like the fact that there were some big mythical creatures, I didn’t like the fact that there were parts that were jumping all over the book, it was a very, very, very, awful book. If I have to read something like this again, I would either slap myself, or do something worse, or cry myself to sleep before reading something like this book that I had read again.
Part 3: This book was just cruel and confusing for me, so Cruelty it is for my big idea word. This book has some parts that are described as pretty scary like I am currently picturing them in my brain. I don’t know how my own mother and father could read this at all, it sucks, I barely made it through the first book, without running away from the book. I just wish that nothing like this book will ever write again because it would suck, even if it sounds like a good book, I would not read it.

anna Mason wrote: "Mason Lugg
English 3

Part 1: The final book I read I absolutely hated, because I never liked how it was written, I don’t like the wizardry in it, it is so confusing for me to understand t..."

Response to Part 1: I personally found the book very well written. It's by no means one of my personal favorites, but I did give it a very high rating (5 stars, in fact). Also, the whole basis of the book is that it's about wizardry, no matter how confusing it is. I don't understand what's so confusing about it. There is a world, the wizarding world, that's hidden from our own, the "muggle" world. There's a kid whose parents were killed by an evil wizard, and he was sent to live with his non-magical aunt and her family so that he wouldn't develop a big head from all the recognition he'd get. When he goes to wizarding school, he makes friends and enemies, just like you would in any school, and ends up having to defeat the evil wizard who killed his parents. Now that I write it down like that, it sounds like a standard children's book. Also, if you don't like wizardry, then the book probably wasn't aimed at you. The target audience was probably children and tweens that were fascinated by magic, the same way the Percy Jackson series is aimed at middle-grade kids with some interest in Greek or Roman mythology. Also, if you stop reading or watching something and skip ahead just because you don't like it, you'll never get the full story. I mean, I can't say much because I do the same thing, but I also fully admit that I want to stop doing that. After all, you can find interesting things in the strangest of places. (Also, Harry Potter without magic is still basically Harry Potter: Harry Potter is a child whose parents were murdered by some evil person. He ends up living with his aunt's family, who are not connected to the secret society he was born into. He goes to some sort of training academy and makes friends and enemies. Then he has to defeat the person who killed his parents. That does sound pretty cool, though.)

Response to Part 2: You are entitled to your own opinion, and I personally have no quarrels with you giving the book a 1-star rating. However, what do you mean by "there were parts that were jumping all over the book"? I didn't understand, and I really would appreciate it if you could clear that up for me.

Response to Part 3: Calling the book cruel was going a bit too far (calling any book cruel is going a bit too far). I don't see how anything was written scarily. I'm the kind of person that can't go to sleep after reading about a failed kidnapping, and nothing frightened me about this book. However, if it did frighten you, I guess I can't say anything. I don't know you, after all.

In the end, I can't change your opinion, nor you mine, but I just wanted to write this as a sort of rebuttal to anyone who happens to stumble upon this after wondering if they should give the book a shot. You know, to give them both sides of the story. Your argument is completely valid, but so is mine, and I just wanted to share it. Thank you for posting this so I could also share my opinion.

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Mason wrote: "Mason Lugg
English 3

Part 1: The final book I read I absolutely hated, because I never liked how it was written, I don’t like the wizardry in it, it is so confusing for me to understand t..."

First, I don't understand why you think the book sucked just because it had some magical creatures in it, and can you elaborate on how the book was "cruel" and how parts were "jumping all over the book?
Secondly, can you describe all of the stuff that you apparently absolutely hated, which made you go so far as to give this book a one-star rating?
And then, it's not a good reading method to look for elements you dislike, and if they don't have anything to do with the book's organization or writing, then you shouldn't stop reading. It's called suspense, madam.
And finally, how does wizardry deviate from the main idea of the book and make it "suck"?

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