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Gonna give it a chance

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Brooke I was always a bit on the fence about Gilly and William, I thought yeah they could definitely make a great couple but honestly I feel William needs someone older that he doesn't feel he has to save (even from himself). I think if they'd ended up together William would never truly be able to be fully himself, which would eventually kill the relationship. So although part of me is sad they didn't get a chance a part of me is intrigued with where this will end up. Who will be Williams true love? The possibilities are endless (OMG what if his HEA ends up saving him??? Can his ego take it???) How will Puck and Gilly's relationship evolve? I can't wait to see where this new road goes. I'm definitely going to give this book a chance because bluntly Ms. Showalter has yet to let me down.

Stacey Ely Same...and i was pleasantly surprised. Honestly Williams annoyed me a little bit, which is new :) also loved winter and cameron

ANGELA Gilly is an immature little twit, no way is she woman enough for William

Brooke Well I read it and love the way it turned out!!! She went in a direction I'd never considered and did a palm smack to the forehead thinking how perfectly it worked out. I love Gilly and the way she came into her own and I adore Puck. For those of you not liking the satyr angle let me remind you, he's been cursed. Give this book a chance and I think you'll fall in love and want more.

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