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Bre_reads_books I recieved this book for free to read and share my opinion. So here is my opinion...
I absolutely loved this book. Before I get to far into this I would suggest you read the novella, A Search for Refuge, first. Im not saying that the book will be confusing if you dont but you get a little more back story and you understand why some characters are there. That being said, this book was wonderful! I loved it from start to finish. It was well written and kept me engrossed from the beginning.
The story is so well written I felt like I was there watching it unfold in front of me instead of just in my head.
Kudos for Kristi for pulling me into her lovely world once again. Cannot wait for the next book so I can continue this wonderful series.

Hayley Edwards This book is set in England's Victorian era and tells the story of a small group of women helping women pregnant out of wedlock and their children. The main characters are searching for purpose and fulfilment in their lives and peace with their past. The characters are very likeable and easy to relate to. The book is very well written and the descriptions make it easy for the reader to imagine the scenes. I loved this book. It was a lovely read with a beautiful message and great romance with a happy ending for the couple and the children.

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