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Nelth grimaced as she made her way to the bathroom. It was a generally quiet place that she could think. She was still shaken from meeting Izzy and Erid in the hallway. In truth, it was quite a surprise when she saw someone else in the bathroom already.

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Jay | 567 comments *Zandra is startled when she walks in because there is usually no one there* "oh...Hey."

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"Hi," Nelth greeted her shakily.

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Jay | 567 comments "Is something wrong?" Summer asks concerned.

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"Met an old enemy," Nelth replied. "We Slytherins have those, you know."

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Jay | 567 comments "Oh... Right." She says. and proceeds to wash her face.

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"What house are you?"

message 8: by Jay (new)

Jay | 567 comments "Hufflepuff" she says in between washing each half of her face.

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"Okay then," Nelth said. Perhaps she normally would say something further, but after her earlier encounter, she decided to be silent.

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Jay | 567 comments Shuts the sink off and awkwardly pats her on the back.

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Nelth jumped. "What's your name?"

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Jay | 567 comments "My name is Summer, and sorry I didn't mean to... Startle you..."

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"Pretty name," Nelth replied. "Don't like the season though. And I'm just not used to people being so. . . friendly with me."

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Jay | 567 comments "Oh... Sorry, I didn't mean it like that"

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"People tend to leave me well alone is what I mean," Nelth corrected.

message 16: by Jay (new)

Jay | 567 comments "Okay, well what happened?"

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"Er, not a friendly person, me," Nelth replied. "Never made any proper friends." Nelth's voice was sad at that.

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Jay | 567 comments Well you can be my friend... Or am I too tacky for u?"

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"Sure. . . .We'll see if I can figure out how to be a friend. And. . .thanks," Nelth said, slightly tense out of nervousness.

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Jay | 567 comments "Cool! I'm skipping my next class to go to hogsmeade, wanna come?

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Nelth froze and shook her head vigorously. "Me, skip? No. I - I -I -can't. Favorite class next, " Nelth said. In truth, she had never missed a single class unless for medical reasons. She was terrified to miss any class.

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Jay | 567 comments "It's ok! Maybe another time then?"

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"I guess," Nelth said uncomfortably. "How about a weekend when we don't have class or during dinner or breakfast?"

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Jay | 567 comments I prefer that too. I hate skipping class, but we have umbridge so I don't mind"

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((This is set in the Next Generation))

"I don't have a class right now. . . . No class for another hour," Nelth explained.

message 26: by Jay (new)

Jay | 567 comments ((Whoops lol sorry.))

We don't have any classes for a bit anyways.

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((It's fine. Let's pretend it's Umbridge's identical younger cousin or something.))

"Yeah. As long as no Gryffindors are involved," Nelth said, almost laughing.

message 28: by Jay (new)

Jay | 567 comments Anyways, what happened out in the hallway? And maybe I can help?"

message 29: by Jay (new)

Jay | 567 comments Lol... Yup... Too good at quid ditch they are..."

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"Nothing happened that I haven't had happen before. Quidditch is a sport. It just shows how stupid they are that they practically worship it," Nelth said, trying to be friendly.

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Jay | 567 comments ((Sorry!))

"Yup! Pretty much! Anyways I am going to the great hall for dinner, bye! Feel free to tag along!"

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((It's fine))

"Okay. . ." Nelth said, biting her lip. She picked up her stuff and walked towards the hall for the Astronomy Tower. She didn't want to have dinner. She needed some time, and perhaps she could use the time to get ahead in her classes. Sometimes, she had to wonder why she wasn't a Ravenclaw.

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Jay | 567 comments ((Are we done roleplaying then?))

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((Yeah, guess so))

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Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
Sammy entered the bathroom.

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Lux walked into the bathroom. "I got the passes!" she exclaimed when she saw that Sammy was already there.

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Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
"Great." Sammy said.

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"So? Off we go to the Ministry?"

((Er, how should we do their being at the Ministry, or should we just continue it right after they get back.))

message 40: by Lily , The #1 Fangirl (new)

Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
"Great!" Sammy said, becoming more excited every second.
((Well we have a thread for Diagon Ally, so I don't see why not.))

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Lux smiled.

((So, add one for "Ministry of Magic"?))

message 42: by Lily , The #1 Fangirl (new)

Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
((I would guess so. ))

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

((Kay. You do it or I do it?))

message 44: by Lily , The #1 Fangirl (new)

Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
((I am on the app most of the time. We might want to ask the Doctor first though.))

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

((True, I suppose))

message 46: by Lily , The #1 Fangirl (new)

Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
((I will post something on Mod Chat.))

message 47: by Lily , The #1 Fangirl (new)

Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
((You already did I see. I am getting slow. XD))

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((It's fine))

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((Where do you think we should go in the Ministry?))

message 50: by Lily , The #1 Fangirl (new)

Lily  | 2044 comments Mod
((Public information services?))

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