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The Heartfulness Way book

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message 1: by Kait (new)

Kait | 2 comments Hi, I am new to this group so I am not sure how book discussions are started or moderated. The Heartfulness Way will be realeased this Friday in the United States. If any of you remember “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” book from the 90’s it kind of reminds me of the way that was written. A seeker is interviewing his guide about inner peace and transformation and how that ripples out into the world. It is simply written but contains deep wisdom on yogic meditation and is updated with science for the modern thinker. A big part of the book is how to move out of our tendencies for self-centeredness and embody love. I would love to start or be a part of a book discussion this summer if anyone is interested in reading and exploring the book.


message 2: by Kait (new)

Kait | 2 comments Hi Bonnie, I did not write the Heartfulness Way. It is by Kamlesh D. Patel and and Joshua Pollock and there is an excerpt on Amazon. I will check out your book sample. Thank you for sharing:)

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STEPHEN MAHOK | 1 comments Thank the admin. for creating this page!
The side has thus far been amazing page where everyone post to shear their views on different subjects that bring people closer to understand each other more.!

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