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Matt Shaw (matt-shaw) | 137 comments Mod
I'll be filming "Dead to Me" in October 2015. Most of the film will be self-funded although I will be looking at setting up a Kickstarter Page to help with the 'extras'.

Based on the story "The Dead Don't Knock" - it's hard to go into the actual story without ruining the twists etc but - needless to say - it is going to be a cracker!

The film itself will be filmed in black and white APART from the characters who will be filmed in colour. There is a reason to this which gets explained in the film. Again - spoilers! There is also a three minute animated sequence (already been commissioned and is currently being created) and a section of the film which looks like an insane computer game.

I have to say - I'm very excited about it and I hope you guys will be too.

With regards to the Kickstarter campaign - for those interested; the perks for the campaign are shaping up to look as follows:

Shout Out on Website
Digital Download
Photo in Credits
Feature on a Missing Poster in film
Become a character in a book
Deluxe DVD Set
Visit the set
Be a zombie
Speaking role
Executive Producer

Casting news: I am using Lee Bane, the male actor I used for MENU and I'm currently negotiating rates for a well known actress from television and film...More announced when I have her signature!!

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Lisa Sandberg (lisasandberg) | 25 comments That's awesome!

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