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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. POC YA realistic/contemporary fiction read as a middle schooler in 2007-2008 - cover had 3 girls standing in a row facing the reader, two were black and one was white with red hair. Cover was done in an animated style. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Aida (arguhlincozzi) | 2 comments Okay! So here's what I recall. The book was from the perspective of a middle school black girl who was either the daughter of a pastor/reverend or his niece (I suspect his niece). She was best friends with her cousin who I think was actually the pastor/reverend's daughter, and they both looked up to the older sister of the cousin. They were both black, and I think one of their best friends had recently moved away, so when a new girl came, despite the fact that she was white (red hair, green eyes), and the cousin was extremely wary of her, the main character convinces her to be friends with the new girl. Essentially, they are navigating that strange time that is growing up in middle school - still kids, but interested the teenager stuff that comes next. A major plot point was that the older sister, who was either in high school or in college but still lived with her parents, had sex with her long-term boyfriend (big deal, since she is living in a super Christian home). She tells her cousin and sister and gives them a lesson on making sure to use condoms and "get out fast" if the guy they want to do it with appears unwilling or angry about using condoms. I remember that the main character watched her cousin (the younger) try to be nonchalant about sex and when she picks up a condom like it's no big deal, the main character thinks, "but I had virgin eyes and she did too" (<= have tried googling this and I get nothing similar to the book). Another key rising action situation was that the main character and friends go to a party that's largely unsupervised and this boy that she's been interested in and her kiss and discuss what it means to be a couple at that age. She also sees her cousin dancing/making out with a boy and his hands are "right on her butt!" Essentially, she's not necessarily judgey of her classmates as they grow up, she's just trying to figure out what's right for her. I really want to find this book because it's centered on a main character of color and I am always on the look out for sharing those. Of course, I just thought it was a good book at the time, so I didn't try incredibly hard to commit it to memory. Now I'm kicking myself (as a 24 year old).

Aida (arguhlincozzi) | 2 comments You rock! Thank you so much!!!

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