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I want to convince my fourteen-year-old sister to read more. She's a nominal Christian--she doesn't "not" believe in God, but she doesn't really practice or pray, either. She likes fantasy books like Divergent and Harry Potter--in fact, those are the only two series she's read and liked, lol.

Also, I'd prefer it if the book was already on my "owned" shelf--feel free to check it out on my profile, even though it's incomplete right now!

message 2: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (victoriagggg) | 5 comments Hmm. Christy Miller is a contemporary series but it really helped me to know what I believe and re-submit my life to Christ. I very much enjoyed them!

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Thanks! :)
I had no intention of reading those, and I really wanted to share a book *with* her; but I might check the series out, just in case. :)

ElsaMakotoRenge (mantaicysnowflake) | 8 comments I second the Christy Miller series! I really like those:)

You say your sis likes fantasy...I shall do a short series list;)
Valkyrie trilogy (Kate O'Hearn)
Waterfire Saga (Jennifer Donnelly)
Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer)
Pegasus series (Kate O'Hearn)
Wondrous Strange trilogy (Lesley Livingston)
The Valiant (also Lesley Livingston...historical fic/fantasy mashup in my mind)
All Rick Riordan's mythology series...I think Heroes of Olympus is the best though
Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings

If you want more recs I am happy to share more:)

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Hanna Across Five Aprils was pretty good. Also, I loved (and reread many times) Letters from Rifka. She might also like Redwall.

message 6: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) From your owned list, there are plenty of books I adore, but I'm gonna focus on ones she'll probably like. *sigh*
*Cinder is a must-read. It's more sci-fi than fantasy, but it's great.
*The Testing is a Dystopia like Divergent. Based on what you said, I think she would like it!
*The Hunger Games is another great Dystopia. It might be a little violent for her, though.
*Definitely Keeper of the Lost Cities. It's my favorite book series, and totally fantasy.

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Update: I really really appreciate the suggestions, everyone.
But she’s completely against reading anything. I’ve given up on this. :(

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Victoria (victoriagggg) | 5 comments What about Jupiter Winds or Jupiter Storms?? It’s a siblings book. And dystopian.

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