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Leni Iversen (leniverse) | 483 comments The Late-Night News by Petros Markaris is a crime novel/police procedural from 1995 that portrays life and corruption in Greece after the fall of the military regime. The mystery was well done, and I didn't manage to work it out. I always enjoy a mystery where I can see in the end that the clues were there, but I followed the red herrings. The novel is also brutally honest in a social realism kind of way that I'm used to in Scandinavian novels. Combined with a bit of the noir style, it becomes a rather harsh read at times. There is sexism, also from the main character, and the attitude the Greeks have to Albanians is appalling. I did find these two elements rather wearying. Especially since the protagonist is fairly unlikable as well. I found the writing style and especially the dialogue odd at times, and I'm not sure whether to lay the blame on the translator or just say that it wasn't quite my cup of tea.
3 stars, as it was a decent read but I don't feel called to read the subsequent two books.

Diane  | 2051 comments Rating: 4 stars

Note: I read this version: Deadline in Athens

This is a detective novel set in Greece. An Albanian couple is murdered. The murder seems straightforward. Shortly thereafter, a reporter interested in the case is murdered. Is there a connection?

I found this to be an enjoyable mystery with interesting twists and turns. The only aspect I didn't care for was the obvious prejudice and disdain shown against Albanians.

Kristel (kristelh) | 4263 comments Mod
read 2014; Review: The story is a police procedural featuring Costas Haritos and the first of a series. The homicide squad chief is called to the scene of a murder. A famous woman journalist has been killed in the TV broadcasting studio just before she was to go on live with some sensational news. It becomes a struggle between the media and the police. The media is at odds with Haritos and he is nearly suspended. Of course there are twists and turns, the investigation is going in several directions. Is it a spurned lover who murders Janna? Is it an angry pederast that Janna’s journalistic investigation put in prison? Is it the Albanians and foreigners involved in illegal selling of organs and children? The killer can come as a surprise though I have to say I had suspected this one.

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