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message 1: by Bucciali (new)

Bucciali * Title: Monstre
* Author(s) name(s): John Kenn Mortensen
* ISBN (or ASIN): 978-87-92246-77-6
* Publisher: Aben Maler
* Publication date: 2016
* Format: Hardcover
* Description: "Like a lost Edward Gorey in a dark Scandinavian forest, with Cthulhu lurking underground, John Kenn Mortensen spews his friendly nightmares onto paper. Monstre collects unpublished Post-it-monsters as well as drawings of his in bigger formats – 180 of them, all told. Includes an interview, translated into English, with John, by the author Benni Bødker."
* Page count: 136
* Link to book page which includes the cover: (this is the publisher)

While the book is a picture book, this is the Danish version, with an introduction and an interview with the artist, in Danish.

message 2: by Bucciali (new)

Bucciali Great, thanks!

message 3: by Bucciali (new)

Bucciali NOT to be a pain, but with the space missing between John and Kenn, it is not showing up under the existing author’s book list, but rather as a different author, with only this one book 😎

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