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Z for Zachariah
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Thriller about a girl being chased in the woods. [s]

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message 1: by Levi (new)

Levi Ruiz | 3 comments I remember reading a book in (I think) Junior High about this girl who was hiding from a man who was trying to kill her in the woods. I don't remember too many details except that she had tried to decide if she should light a fire at night, and risk him seeing the light, or light a fire during the day and risk him seeing the smoke. She ultimately chose to light the fire at night.

message 2: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 5055 comments How many years ago did you read this?
Part of a series?
Anything about the cover?
Was this for teens or adults?

message 3: by Levi (new)

Levi Ruiz | 3 comments I read it about 30 years ago, I don't think it was part of a series, I don't remember the cover, and it was for teens. As I recall it was required (or at least suggested) in the curriculum and everyone in the class read it.

message 4: by Angela (last edited May 30, 2018 12:21PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Angela Johnson | 79 comments Z for Zachariah by Robert O'Brien, maybe? Takes place in the after math of a nuclear war. The girl has survived because the valley she lives in was spared from the blast. She thinks she's the only survivor until a man wanders into the valley wearing a nuclear haz-mat suit. He terribly sick from radiation poisoning so she nurses him back to health. Eventually he regains his strength but slowly becomes more possesive and crazy acting towards the girl. There is a part towards the end where the girl has escaped from the man and hides out in the woods. I think she has to debate the fire thing w/ herself. I read it when I was in Jr. high, and it wasn't required reading (at least at my school), but I think it was suggested reading. It is considered teen fiction.

message 5: by Levi (new)

Levi Ruiz | 3 comments Angela, yes! That is the one. Thank you!

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments Z for Zachariah for the link

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