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Is Mateo a Coward?

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Amira Brownell Mateo is known for his shy and unusual behavior. We began to see him break out of his shell during his journey with Rufus. However, when he goes to tell Lidia that he's dying, he doesn't fully tell her. Instead, he leaves small clues that he will no longer be alive. If I were in Lidia's position I would be hurt that my bEsH friend didn't tell me that they were dying. Later on, I would understand that they were attempting to protect me but the feeling of hurt would still remain present. How would you respond if you were Lidia? Is Mateo a coward for running away or do you agree with his method?

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Ann Marie Mateo is not a coward he is in an introvert. We see several times during this book where he rises to the occasion and has tremendous courage.

From Lidia's side. She would definitely want to know because she would want to spend all of the remaining time with him to soak up as much of him as she could. Of course she would be mad! Wouldn't we all like to kow the future and make sure we passed with no regrets? Luckily Lidia does piece together the clues and does spend time with Mateo before he passes.
From Mateo's side he is being compassionate. She will have to grieve no matter what but she doesn't have to be tormented by the tought of saving him all day long. I think cowardice would have been not dropping in at all.

Dani Maybe Mateo is a coward, but aren't most people when it comes to death? I know I would be afraid of telling Lidia like he was because she has already had to deal with losing someone close to her.

If I was in Lidia's shoes, I would be hurt but also would eventually understand. It was ultimately Mateo's choice on what to do for his End Day - maybe he didn't want her to be in it. Not meaning he doesn't love her, because he very clearly does, but meaning he loved her enough to let her remember the person he was before End Day.

Lady Willpower I think Mateo's imminent death was a double whammy for Lidia because she didn't get to say goodbye to her boyfriend, and then something similar nearly happened with Mateo. At first, I thought Mateo was a coward, but he was really just trying to spare her more pain. It was a relief when he finally decided to call her back and spend more time with her.

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