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Rachel N. | 1612 comments Jazz Bashara lives in Artemis, the only city on the moon. Jazz works as a porter and smuggles items onto the moon. She is hired to do a crime for a lot of money but things quickly get complicated. I liked Jazz and her friends and I think Weir did a good job imagining what it would be like to live on the moon. The plot has plenty of action and moved quickly. I've seen a lot of reviews comparing this book unfavorably to the Martian, Weir's previous book. I think this is an unfair comparison. Aside from being set in space and have a main character with a high degree of sarcasm the two are very different and I liked them both.

Charlotte | 1663 comments I’m happy to hear! I enjoyed The Martian very much and just started Artemis yesterday. I like it so far but I’m only a handful of chapters in.

Charlotte | 1663 comments I couldn't stop reading it! I loved it! I agree that they are very different. This one still had science stuff in it but near as much as The Martian which is one of the things I thought slowed down the pace of The Martian a bit.

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