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Camille (Ashera) | 73 comments In the HP verse, the spells and the like are from either French or Latin, as I speak French and have studied Latin, in my school years, I'd like to shed some light into this.

First, Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus. What does that mean? Literally, it means from Latin to English : One mustn't tickle a sleeping Dragon. And Hermione tickled him figuratively speaking, more than once in the series, and I wondered all the while reading the books, why in the hell Draco wasn't made a good character? Secretly working for the light side?

And Voldemort, means : Death's Stealing, literally speaking which also makes sense, because Voldemort wants to become an immortal, or Death's Master in book 7, when we first learn about the Deathly Hallows. And this is also why Voldie's followers are named : Death-Eaters.

There are many spells and charms and the potions and the like, and even names that I could translate for you if you just ask me. Ask me right here in this thread or PM me.

Fleur's name means "flower" from Fr to English and Lestrange's name is : "The Weird", from French to English. Bellatrix Lestrange's family name is a literal French name, which is why she is so aptly named by Jo Rowling.

I'm doing this so English-speaking fans, will be able to appreciate Jo Rowling's cleverness and genius more when she named her characters, her items and her spells' names.

Everybody here knows what Narcissa means : she's named after the flower, Narcissus, which is also a very fitting name for her because she's narcissistic, the only redeeming quality in her is her love for her son : Draco Malfoy.

Now the Malfoys' family name, is a clever contraction and of two words and also a play-on-word in French of : Mal and Foy. Mal=Evil or bad and Foy : foie, so literally, in the French version, he is named Malfoie. Foie=trust in French. In French, his family name means :"une personne de mauvaise foie", so in English, it's : " a person whom one cannot trust easily".

So if there's anything else you'd like translated for you : a spell, an item, a potion or etc, please don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you! So yes, every single thing in the HP verse, basically has a meaning either in Latin, Greek or in French, and Rowling named them this way for a reason.

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Brianna | 45 comments Thanks! That's so interesting!

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Camille (Ashera) | 73 comments Anvita wrote: "I mayn't know the translation but I do know the significance of quite a number of names. 'Sirius' is the brightest star in the night sky also known as the 'dog star' or the 'black dog' and interest..."
It means : scorching Star (literally from old Greek to English).

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Camille (Ashera) | 73 comments Anvita wrote: "Cassandra is considered as a great 'seer' in Greek mythology and professor Trelawny- also a seer, claims to have descended from Cassandra Trelawny.

Also, Remus and Romulus were the wolf brothers i..."

No, Roman myths. Yes Cassandra was Artemis' oracle in the Greek myths.

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Camille (Ashera) | 73 comments yeah! It's a mute sound in Fr.

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