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The Pleasant

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Snuggly Books | 152 comments Mod
What is THE PLEASANT? Is it coterminous with Neo-Decadence, or is this "opposite of Horror" something else entirely? The world may not have seen anything like this form of literature before.

The new movement has until now received little attention, with few resources available. The original VOW OF CHASTITY can be found here, while an introductory essay can be read here. There would seem to be only two texts available:

Pleasant Tales
Pleasant Tales II

What is next for THE PLEASANT and who will be the author of Pleasant Tales III?

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Brendan Connell | 32 comments If anyone cares (not that they should) Justin and I wrote that wee manifesto.

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Ross Scott-Buccleuch | 27 comments Mod
My review of Drowning in Beauty is on Amazon now. Perhaps not the most gushing review, but still.. .

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