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message 1: by Tito (new)

Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 21 comments I've been on Christian Fiction Devourers and Beta Readers groups, not realising that this group existed.

I'm willing and eager to provide a beta-read service for fellow-beginners like myself. I model my reports on a professional approach, and I think I give reasonably good assistance for an amateur, I also have a degree in theology behind me and can slip into most mainstream Christian paradigms for the sake of the story.

My preferred area is in mature fiction (by while I mean grown-up readers, not soft porn!) which involves reflection and consideration of how faith and ethics interacts with the challenges of Real Life. I specially like sci-fi, where a world can be built to make the point of conflict clearer.

I'm not good for children's YA, fantasy or romance.

Any others out there ready to help their brothers and sisters? Leave your name and preferred genres!

message 2: by Renee (new)

Renee | 4 comments Mod
Welcome Tito!

I read just about anything as long as it's a clean read.

message 3: by Tito (new)

Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 21 comments Renee wrote: "Welcome Tito!

I read just about anything as long as it's a clean read."

Hi Renee,

Is that an offer to read 'Bones', my archaeological mystery?

message 4: by Renee (new)

Renee | 4 comments Mod
Sorry, I didn't get the notification that you replied.

That depends on when you need feedback by.

message 5: by Tito (new)

Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 21 comments Renee wrote: "Sorry, I didn't get the notification that you replied.

That depends on when you need feedback by."

Hi Renee,

Sorry for my delay, but I've been looking in the wrong place.

No strict timetable for 'Bones'. I attach a synopsis for you to decide if you'll take it.

Genre Mystery; Political/Religious Drama
Target Audience Thoughtful Adults
Word Count 94,000
Author Bob Springett

A document is discovered in an archaeological dig in Galilee. This Aramaic document from the mid-first century appears to be a forerunner of the widely-suspected 'Q' document that is thought to have served as a source for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Some parts of this are ambiguous and religious arguments arise. One archaeologist, working on a hunch, conducts more digs and finds a skeleton which is apparently the earliest recorded Christian burial. The discovery of a second skeleton raises the possibility that this is Jesus, but while the data is vague the arguments are fiery.

Meanwhile the religious arguments have become excuses for geo-political moves, in particular the still-festering Palestinian Question. President Morse of America is facing re-election, and wants to be the President who brought Peace. Taking advantage of conservative Christian reactions to this 'blasphemy of desecration', he presents Israel and the Palestinians with an ultimatum. Israel attempts to divert the rage, but fails. Morse acts upon his ultimatum, enforcing the establishment of a de-militarised Palestinian State and mutual recognition.

But that still leaves the underlying questions. Is this document a fraud, planted by one party or another to precipitate a situation to its own advantage? If so, was the discovery of the skeletons co-incidental or planned? And who was behind it anyway? Or is everything exactly what the evidence hints it to be? No definite answer is provided even at the end. The Reader may make of it as he or she will. The point of the book isn’t about the evidence, which is ambiguous anyway, but how everyone reads into that evidence whatever they want to be there.

Some understanding of Archaeology and Biblical Textual Criticism would enrich the reader’s understanding, but is not essential. The technical detail is only there for context, the plot is about what non-experts do with the data.

This novel is not 'feminist' as such, but features strong and competent women as the main protagonists.

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